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Mark Lewthwaite | Markel Design Pty Ltd

KBDi Designer Member
Melbourne East | Melbourne Inner City | Melbourne North | Melbourne South East | Mornington Peninsular | VIC

I have been designing kitchens and bathrooms since 1988 and have worked for some of Australia’s largest kitchen renovation firms across the wholesale and retail environment in sales and design as well as mentoring in leadership and management roles.

In 1992 I achieved a distinction in the Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) course, then conducted by the HIA, which represents excellence in kitchen and bathroom design and is only open to those with a min. of 7 years’ experience within the industry, and to those committed in continuing their professional development and staying relevant with the ever-changing environment of the renovation world.

In 2013, after working in managerial roles, I returned to my love of designing and working with my own clients. I love the opportunity to be creative and to improve the way a client uses their home. I am always mindful that a project has to meet the client’s needs and aspirations. The design brief is about you, not me! I’ll offer advice, knowledge and experience in tailoring the outcome to suit your style and budget.

As always with great design it is a balance between form and function. I have substantial theoretical and real world experience as well as the creativity and appreciation of culture, art and architecture which together make for a practical and successful approach to design.


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