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Melinda Taylor | M-Interiors and Design

KBDi Designer Member
Brisbane City | QLD | QLD State-wide

M – Interiors & Design is a high-performing interior design studio working with a wide range of clients on residential and commercial projects of varying scope and scale. Drawing on the history of people and place, the team works to refine what exists while incorporating new elements, resulting in a creative harmony between old and new.

We see the outside from within. We consider the foundations, methods, forms, and utility of design to transform spaces which will evoke emotional and physical responses.

Our team’s authentic approach and infectious enthusiasm linger on long after project close – our biggest marker for success being the positive experiences people have in using the spaces we create.

While we will wax lyrical about a particularly sexy armchair or finish and love a ‘more-is-more’ approach, no two projects are the same and we are ready to take on any project.

Our team of experienced and Bachelor qualified commercial and residential interior designers, are supported by our Masters graduate architect and an in house decorator/stylist.


Services Offered

  • Design Survey (on-site measure up etc)
  • Concept Design/Design Development
  • Design & Documentation


Specialty Areas

  • Interior Design


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