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KBDi Designer Member
Peel Region | Perth Central | Perth North | Perth South | South West | WA
  • Over 10 years experience, Advanced Diploma Interior Design
  • A true love of design which also led to qualifications with a Certificate IV in Residential Drafting and studies in Diploma of Building Design
  • Working relationship with Dulux for 10 years (colour consulting)
  • Personable, honest, the drive to design customized spaces as we are each but different individuals with different needs/ requirements
  • Ask ‘What if’… looking and being open to options can lead us to an amazing result. Sometimes it’s the last idea you have or sometimes it concretes the very first idea you had as been the ‘right’ one
  • Designing form the heart… in the sense that a space or the home you live in should ignite your senses, make you feel like you can truly relax and feel at home, an extension of your lifestyle and personality, whilst within each budget requirement
  • An eye for detail as everything in a space has its place and is there for a reason
  • Spaces to be proud of, to want to come home to, when life has its ups and downs when you come home you can feel like your where you belong, enhance the senses, an extension of your personality, livable/ functional spaces
  • Being able to listen with empathy, understanding and knowing what to ask to gain the information you need to direct the design concept in the direction it needs to go in whilst being open to a process that can change along the way as design is fluid, forever engaging, changing, enticing, inviting and challenging
  • An understanding and need of designing to passive solar design principles and sustainability
  • Why?…honestly because everyone deserves to ‘feel’ something when they are in their own home or a restaurant or office. Whether we have $50 or $500,000 to spend we all deserve a space that is unique to us and that makes us tick and enjoy living, working or socializing in those spaces
  • Relationships with painters, cabinet makers, builders, suppliers and manufacturers

Services Offered

  • Design Survey (on-site measure up etc)
  • Concept Design/Design Development
  • Design & Documentation

Specialty Areas

  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Interior Design
  • Sustainable Design



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