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Robert Mazzilli | Verde Design

KBDi Designer Member
Perth Central | Perth North | Perth South | WA

I’m known as an enthusiastic designer of award-winning, bespoke custom-made kitchen cabinetry and facilitator of the selection process. Working within a renovation building company, each job is unique and I make it my mission to smoothly guide the clients through the design and selections process. In my business Verde Design, I design, select and quote kitchens whilst also constructing and installing cost-effective off-the-shelf DIY type cabinetry.

My career is built on my initial Certificate in Cabinet Making as a tradesman followed on by an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design. My involvement with the Kitchen Bathroom Design Institute as a committee member and HIA judge over the years has been invaluable for my personal growth in the industry.

I’m inspired every day by creating design solutions and assisting in selection choices for clients. I’m passionate about sustainable, technological solutions in the building industry and broadly in society to better humanity for future generations.

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