Tania Nikolitsis CKD Au, CBD Au | Tanik Design

KBDi Certified Designer
Adelaide Hills | Adelaide Metro North & Central | Adelaide Metro South & Central | SA | SA State-wide

An Adelaide based Interior designer with a passionate view to residential, bespoke, custom joinery design for the entire home.
Winner of multiple Housing Industry Awards. (As recent as 2021 Major State Award, South Australian Kitchen Design of the Year and 2022 Major State Award, South Australian Bathroom Design of the Year).

Proclaiming the full potential of design within any space is one of many of Tania’s self testimonies…

‘I am all about the sentiment of design. That is, the emotional state and contentment we feel when a space works or is right for us.’

‘We all have that ‘thing’ that makes us tick or feel satisfied. Helping client’s achieve that ultimate feeling of sensation and recognizing that each project is uniquely different is what’s important in any working partnership.’

‘Having a sound knowledge in technical detailing has given me the tools to be proactive in design to overcoming challenges. I like to be challenged. It’s what drives me. Every problem has a solution and I thrive on solving it! ‘

‘When I present design, I recognize that it’s emotion that I am presenting, and not just typically shapes and pretty colours. Sharing that feeling of ‘design ecstasy’ is the core essence of my business and motivation behind what I do.’


Services Offered

  • Design Survey (on-site measure up etc)
  • Concept Design/Design Development
  • Design & Documentation
  • Project Consultancy/Management


Specialty Areas

  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Interior Design
  • Design for People with Disabilities
  • Design for Elderly
  • Sustainable Design
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