As the principal designer and founder of successful Melbourne design firm, Logie Interiors, KBDi member Carlie Logie has a passion for design and a wealth of experience in both residential and commercial interiors.

The savvy designer also has some hefty goals to kick in the coming twelve months; Carlie plans to transition from a predominantly residential market to her preferred commercial scene, and she intends to present all future design concepts with stand-out 3D visuals.

When she established these goals, partnering with PYTHA seemed an obvious first step, so Carlie invested in the software late last year.  She has since started her PYTHA training, and has kindly offered to share her learning journey with fellow designers!

Over the next few months, we’ll look over Carlie’s shoulder as she moves from a tried and trusted program to the power of PYTHA. We’ll see how Carlie fits her training in and around her busy work schedule, and see how her PYTHA presentations compare with the end result. As she gets to know the potential of the program, we’ll chat with Carlie about how her existing services will be complemented by this new tool, and see where she envisions her new skillset taking her.

If you’re eager to see how Carlie’s learning journey goes, or keen to see how other designers are using PYTHA to their advantage, follow Pytha Partners on facebook today.