PYTHA Lab HQ will be hosting their renowned International User Meeting in Aschaffenburg, Germany in September this year, and Pytha Partners have four great reasons for you to join them!

  1. Master your skills with the makers

Few software companies will offer you the opportunity to meet face-to-face with developers and learn from the ‘actual people’ building the tools of your trade. At the International User Meeting, you’ll pick up new skills, neat tricks and top tips for getting the most out of PYTHA 3D CAD, directly from the developers.

  1. Share your feedback

One of the key advantages of PYTHA 3D CAD is the company’s willingness to take on board the feedback of its users, and implement the changes that will suit your industry. The biennial User Meeting is the number one opportunity for you to meet the developers face-to-face, and contribute to their open customer forums. You’ll see first-hand how the company is committed to continually improving the product to best service you and your business needs.

  1. Be inspired by PYTHA Pros

You’ll be in good company at the International User Meeting: with over two hundred users from around the world attending the event, you’re sure to be inspired by the many ways in which these PYTHA Pros apply the software to their day to day operations.

  1. Enjoy Great German Hospitality and a Tax-Deductible Trip!

PYTHA’s German team have had a great tradition of treating their fellow PYTHA Users to some fine hospitality. The Bavarian city of Aschaffenburg is a beautiful place to begin or end a European adventure, and if you can claim your airfares and accommodation, what more incentive do you need?

Pytha Partners Australia would love to get together a strong cohort of Aussie and Kiwi tourists; existing customers will receive their official invitation directly from Germany soon, but contact the team today for some earlier insights.