An early start on a grey Melbourne morning didn’t deter KBDi accredited designers eager to see a pair of PYTHA professionals ‘Present Like a Pro’.

Two of Australia’s most awarded designers – Darren Genner CKD Au  (right) and Darren James CKD Au (centre) – captivated their audience at the annual KBDi Certified Designers Forum, held this year at Melbourne’s iconic Hotel Windsor. The keynote presentation covered their respective early beginnings in the industry, and went on to outline how photo-realistic renderings have changed the way they present.

Darren James CKD Au

Darren James CKD Au (let’s call him DJ) explained how he began his trade apprenticeship under the watchful eye of a Danish artisan, fitting out luxury boats with stunning timber joinery.  Problem solving and careful design detailing were integral to the job, and proved to be useful talents when DJ opened his own cabinetmaking business in the year 2000. This business soon evolved to be the full design to construct service that it is today, with an impressive line up of projects and awards.

DJ’s eye for detail is evident in his drawings; he shared with the group his meticulous orthographic plans, and pointed out how PYTHA helps him meet (and exceed) the Australian Standards of drafting.   DJ also shared examples of his 3D renderings, which are presented to the Clients in a ‘wine and dine’ environment: he explained how the client’s instant emotional connection with the photo-realistic presentations made the job of selling the design a pain-free and time efficient exercise. The opportunity to upsell with designer furnishings has proven to be a surprising add-on for DJ; Clients have loved the 3D library items carefully placed within the renderings, and insisted on purchasing the ‘real’ furniture pieces and light fittings to complete their overall scheme.

Darren Genner CKD Au 

Darren Genner cut his teeth in the kitchen and bathroom industry in a similar fashion to DJ, and his trade background has brought a practical yet creative element to his sought after design work.  Darren was a ‘tech-nerd’ from the beginning, though, and sensed that photo-realistic design presentations were the way to go. He felt that his clients did not relate to the two dimensional plans often presented; he knew they couldn’t get a tangible appreciation for his proposed space planning without getting a feel for the volume of space presented in three dimensional form, and has worked to hone his skills with PYTHA software for over a decade.

Today Darren provides his clients with interactive, ‘real time’ presentation experiences that place them in both the physical and virtual spaces.  Like DJ, he adds library items created by well known designers, and relishes the opportunity to on-sell these furnishings.  Darren makes a point of adding a personal connection to his presentation, too, by strategically placing library items (books, cars etc) that will particularly resonate with his clients, and believes it’s these thoughtful links that often get him over the line.

The knowledge and talent of these two designers is truly impressive, and their honest and insightful commentary was well appreciated by the KBDi members present.  The two Darrens demonstrated how pairing natural design flair with today’s technology can open up a whole new world of creativity, and foster a confident and trusting client base, and we look forward to seeing where they take their talent in the future!

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