A message from our Corporate Partner, PYTHA 3D CAD

The absolute customisation of PYTHA 3D CAD allows its users to take their technical drawings to a very high standard. Sydney designer and draftsman, Rudy Zilio, is an excellent example of someone who is using the software to its full potential. In this feature, we’re learning more about Rudy and his drawing process.

Rudy has enjoyed a variety of careers across a couple of continents, and each role has contributed to the current success he experiences as the owner and principal designer and draftsman at Etagamma.

“I aim for three targets in my technical drawings: consistency, clarity and excellent communication. With its flexibility and customisation, PYTHA 3D CAD allows me to hit these goals every time.”

Rudy’s a great advocate for sharing information. He knows good, open communication between drafties, joiners, estimators and owners is key to a successful end result. And he believes that the ‘open door’ between PYTHA users and the team at Pytha Partners is something all customers should take up. The team’s technical knowledge allows Rudy to get the full potential from this product and the best results for his clients.

If you’ve been um-ing and ah-ing about moving to PYTHA 3D CAD, the Australian distributors have a great incentive to buy before the end of the financial year. Contact Pytha Partners today to learn more.