Quality products prove their worth and inspire with long lasting, smooth motion. Provide your customers peace of mind with original Blum quality, offering them innovative products with top quality of motion for the lifetime of the furniture. Be assured that when partnering with Blum not only are you offering your customers a top-quality product, but you are supported with quality service and support to keep your business at the forefront of design, technology innovation.

Blum’s quality cycle starts with monitoring everyday kitchen users all over the world. The insights gained from these observations provide valuable information which is then incorporated into the development of new products or refinement of existing products. These insights have also led to Blum’s development of internal testing specifications where products are subjected to extensive motion and load testing.

Blum products undergo a variety of tests to ensure the utmost quality. Ongoing quality checks are held throughout the entire manufacturing process to ensure that we meet our and your high-quality standards. We also work with renowned independent testing institutes and organisations to ensure our products and services meet their standards and requirements. Blum is certified to the ISO 9001 Quality System.

Quality and sustainability are inextricably linked at Blum. The manufacturing of quality fittings that last for the lifetime of the furniture contribute significantly to protecting the environment and resources. This is an important aspect behind Blum’s high-quality concept.

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