A message from our Training Partner, Redman Training & Development

Last month we spoke about giving good feedback, but in this feature, we’ll address being on the other side.

For many of us, receiving feedback can be extremely challenging. Who can relate to feedback being given to us in our early formative years? This feedback was often instructional, delivered in the moment without us requesting it and most often about what we had ‘done wrong’. It could also have been delivered in anger.

It is quite normal for most people to have a negative reaction when we hear the word ‘feedback’. In our formative years, we didn’t have the cognitive skills to analyse the feedback being given to differentiate that it’s about the behaviour rather than the self. This often resulted in the formation of a belief that we were a “bad” or “incapable” person rather than that we were demonstrating unhelpful, unacceptable unsupportive behaviour.

We carry this mindset into our adult years so that when we hear the word feedback we cringe and often react from the memory of how we received feedback as a child. 

The reality is feedback is a valuable opportunity for us to learn and improve. 

There are methods of delivering feedback and receiving feedback that improve communication to achieve outstanding results in both business and our personal lives. 

From a business perspective, the manner in which we receive feedback can elevate how we are perceived by or client or colleague. To go to a defensive response can often develop into a conflict between two parties. Alternatively, we can improve a relationship when we receive feedback with gratitude and allow time to evaluate before responding. 

Remember feedback is an expression of opinion rather than fact from the deliverer’s point of view.

If you want to learn the art and skill of receiving feedback in a positive way, book into the upcoming business bootcamps in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Adelaide.