We’ve had an ENORMOUS response to our KBDi Designer Awards this year, and are so VERY excited about the stunning kitchens and bathrooms that flowed into our inboxes in the lead up to Tuesday’s deadline. 

We’ve finally stopped counting, and present our annual snippet of stats for this year’s entries:

  • The Gala home state was the stand out winner, with 26% of entries coming from Victoria. (We expect this year’s Gala to get a little rowdy!)
  • WA and NSW tied for second spot, offering up 20% of entries each, while Queensland followed for third place with 15% of submissions.
  • As is usually the case, the category of Large Kitchens was the ‘golden child’, with 22% of all entries falling under this banner. Our all-new Kitchens Plus category was a close second (20%), and Small Bathrooms took the bronze with 14% of entries.
  • And most exciting of all: 23% of entries came from NEWBIES – the First Time Entrants competition will certainly be a battle this year!

Many, many thanks to our all new and long-time Members for your participation in this year’s KBDi Designer Awards program – you should be extremely proud of your efforts and we L-O-V-E your work!