You know you’re a good designer. You get a thrill out of transforming your clients’ homes, and they love what you do enough to tell their friends. You’re proud of your work, and would relish the opportunity to show it off. But who has time for entering awards, and would the time spent be worthwhile?

Entering industry awards takes time and resources. You’re putting yourself, your business and your designs under scrutiny, so you need a fair bit of courage, too. In this article, we explore seven benefits of entering industry awards in an attempt to prove that the potential ‘pain’ is well worth the gain!

#1 Team Morale / Self-Motivation

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Helen Keller

Do your team members need a boost in morale in these times of uncertainty? Do you need a little pepping up yourself? Maintaining optimism has never been more important, and acknowledging the talent in your staff or yourself is a great way to boost your confidence.

#2 Marketing & Exposure

The free marketing associated with media exposure for award finalists is both rewarding and measurable. (See just a few examples of finalist promotions here.) Any accolades should be used in all business promotion – on signage, literature and of course, your website and social media. Be sure to brag – being shortlisted in an awards program (particularly KBDi’s program which draws incredible talent from across the nation) is certainly something to be proud of.

#3 Benchmarking

Benchmarking is an ongoing exercise in any company that aspires for leadership.
Anand Mahindra

By comparing yourself to your competitors, you’ll soon begin to identify areas you need to develop – from a design or business perspective. Alternatively, or at the same time, you may gain faith and confidence in the skills and attributes you already possess. A benchmark is a ‘standard from which quality or excellence is measured’. Award-winning designers are setting the benchmark for your industry and profession: are you exceeding these standards, or are you on par? What is the benchmark of your business? Are you and your team meeting your full potential?

#4 Respect & Credibility

What do consumers (potential clients) see in your media exposure? They see a business that is at the peak of its game, offering quality and credibility. You will have gained their trust and respect even before you’ve entered their home. Likewise, suppliers and other associates will recognise your achievements – this could open new doors to securing contracts, better prices and potential new industry contacts.

#5 Differentiating You from Your Competitors

We are in a competitive industry, and it’s not uncommon to be contending for design. Will your award recognition put you ahead of your competition? Could it be the deciding factor for a quality client? Highly likely! Stand out from the crowd with your accolades.

#6 Staff Recruitment

Who doesn’t want to be part of a winning team? Attract new talent – those who aspire to ‘be the best’ will be looking to join like-minded professionals. Your award participation will let future team members know you’re a goal setter, and you’ll attract motivated employees to your business.

#7 Big Picture Perspective: Benefits to the Industry

By recognising and celebrating the high standards that exist in our industry, we encourage others to ‘lift their game’, and we provide the media – and potential new customers/clients – with case studies of excellent design practices. Be proud of your profession and industry, and know you’re paving the way for those who’ll follow…

Entries to the KBDi Designer Awards 2020 program close on 1 June. You’ve got to be in it to win it, so why not put yourself in the running? Learn more here.