Staron® Solid Surfaces are made of natural minerals and blended with pure acrylic to create a seamless surface solution suitable for endless applications around the home – including the bathroom. Create a warm and tranquil bathroom environment that will transform this utility space in to a sanctuary. Use Staron® to create bowls, vanity tops, walls, floors, bath tubs and units.

With a monolithic finish, Staron® provides a continuous surface with no open or visible joins. Use one of three standard vanity bowls or create a stunning custom bowl. Combined with a Staron® vanity top, a high use wet area will be totally non-porous, renewable and easy to maintain.

With a range of over 80 colours to select from, Staron® is not only aesthetically but functionally pleasing. Non-porous in nature, no stain can penetrate into the material – providing a durable surface that is easy to maintain.  Staron® wall paneling provides a smooth and seamless finish with no grout lines, no mould and no mildew! Staron® prevents the growth of bacteria or mould making cleaning easy along with enjoyable healthy living.

Staron® is renewable, meaning that after years of use it can be sanded to be restored back to its original condition. Because of this nature, every wipe to the material will rejuvenate the surface. Staron® is flexible in design, providing a versatile product to create any design. It can be molded into shapes, cut, inlaid, routed or sandblasted. Staron® is an affordable quality solid surface backed by a 10 Year Warranty for peace of mind.
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