Staron®Solid Surfaces are suitable for endless applications in kitchens, bathrooms or other residential projects. With a silk-like finish and a range of over 80 colours to select from, Staron®is both aesthetically and functionally pleasing.

One of the great advantages of Staron®is that it can be moulded and curved into any design or structure through a process called thermoforming. This process allows three-dimensional designs to come to life. Virtually any shape can be formed with Staron®.

This creative process of fabrication can result in endless interesting design possibilities. Kitchen benchtops can be curved and join inconspicuously around soft curves, and custom designed vanities can be a feature with smoothly rounded designs. Create unique curved bowls, vases or make the waves of your project curve and twist into a concept that creates impact and is original.

Staron®can be inlaid, creating a blend of colours into one piece. The flexibility of the range extends to limitless edge profiles, drop down edges, and splashbacks. The durability and non-porous nature of the product also make it easy to maintain. All this comes with a Greenguard certified material and a 10 Year Warranty. Staron®Solid Surfaces provide a design solution that pushes the boundaries of design.

Virtually anything you can imagine, you can create with Staron®.

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Image Credit: Design by Richard Cardy.