KBDi Affiliate Member, Nina Slade of Prymore Pty Ltd, is a business consultant with a primary focus on the cabinet making and kitchen industry. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, Nina works with business owners to minimise their business stresses and maximize their success. In this article, she shares some great tips for getting in control of your week.

Either Run The Day or The Day Runs You – Jim Rohn.

A common  conversation that many of us are having is that life is just getting busier and busier. Luckily, we all have a choice to either keep running with that approach or make some changes now that can help us be more productive and in control of our week.

Below are some simple methods to implement that will enable you to see changes within the week.

Stop Saying Yes to Everyone & Everything

By constantly saying yes, will only lead to your week being full of events & tasks that are not really the most important way for you to spend your time. Plus it can lead to huge amounts of stress and the possibility of letting people down that really matter. If people really want you to be part of a group, attend a meeting or complete a job for them, they WILL wait until you are free. Practice taking a pause before saying yes, as it allows you to consider if you really need to be part of that activity or task.

Technology Interruptions

Leave your mobile phone on silent in your office or in your bag when attending every meeting. Not only will this improve your productivity but will also show a lot of respect for others such as clients, suppliers & co-workers. By being present, it allows you to focus and make immediate decisions without creating a long to do list because simply, you controlled the technology  – not the other way around.

Colour Block Your Calendar

No matter which electronic calendar you use, by setting up a colour blocking system, at a quick glance you can visually see how your week is panning out and not over book your day.

Nominate a colour for your time for example: red = meetings, blue = quotations, yellow = driving/travel to appointments, orange = factory/on-site work, pink = family/personal time.

After a week of doing this, it will become second nature and soon you manage your diary a lot quicker and efficiently.

Control the Drop In’s

Unexpected drop ins can be one of the biggest interruption’s to your day. Whilst you never want to turn a client away, have a think who else might drop in and want to see you without an appointment? For example: Suppliers are more than happy to call ahead of time to make an appointment as they operate on a run schedule. Simply have a conversation with each of them so they know how you operate and soon you will see your day is organised and the interruptions are reduced.

Trying Talking Instead of Emailing

In a world of technology, we naturally tend to email everything. However sometimes emails become back and forth messages which soon eat up more of your time. So much for the quick email you were shooting off. If you don’t resolve a query within 2 emails, pick up the phone and talk to the person and resolve the query immediately. Imagine how good that would be!

Lastly, if you feel that you can’t introduce all of these new methods all at once, why not give yourself a challenge to try one at the start of each new week.