A message from our Diamond Sponsor, Lincoln Sentry

A leader in smart storage options for the kitchen, Vauth Sagel products effortlessly provide optimal storage options in often hard to reach areas.

Backed by quality German design and simple installation, Vauth Sagel’s TAL Gate Pro-Saphir’s pull out pantry are available in a range of heights and cabinet widths to suit any kitchen pantry cabinet.

The rear baskets extend towards the front of the cabinet when the door is opened, make it easy to access.

With front baskets mounted on the door, Vauth Sagel’s TAL Gate Pro-Saphir eliminates any additional weight being transferred onto cabinet hinges.

All baskets in the TAL Gate Pro-Saphir are fully adjustable, with door baskets each having a load capacity of 5kg, while the rear baskets can carry 20kg each.

Find out more about Vauth Sagel, telephone 1300 551 919 (6:30am – 6:30pm AEST) or e-mail online@lincolnsentry.com.au

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