A product update from KBDi Silver Sponsor, Talostone

Launched early January 2019 into the Australian market, this is the super-stunning Calacatta LuxeTM 9030 from Talostone®. Calacatta LuxeTM 9030 is the result of extensive research and development, both here in Australia and overseas.

Allan Zhang, Managing Director for Talostone, says “We are extremely proud of the new Calacatta LuxeTM 9030 which we believe is a true replica of natural marble in a reconstituted product, with the closest match possible to the veins in this stunning stone”.

The cool & subtle grey veins, in varying thicknesses, snake their way through the crisp white background creating exciting visual patterns. Because all Talostone® slabs are produced as pairs, this provides maximum opportunity for the interior design and building community to create something visually special with this new colour.

Available in slab sizes of 3200mm x 1600 mm, and in two thicknesses – 20mm and 12mm – Calacatta LuxeTM 9030 is perfect for many applications in the home including kitchen benchtops and splashbacks, bathroom vanity tops, table tops, entertainment unit tops and many more. The 12mm version is perfect for feature internal walls as it can be backlit for added visual effect.

The slab size will greatly benefit both fabricators and retailers, reducing waste to a minimum, and is sure to be popular with homeowners as a cost-effective option compared to natural stone.

This latest addition greatly enhances Talostone’s existing range which offers a variety of colours, textures and finishes to meet all interior stone requirements. 

About Talostone®

Innovation and a commitment to quality have seen the company quickly establish itself in the Australian market as a premium supplier of high-quality engineered stone. This innovation and ability to adapt saw Talostone become the first company in the Australian market to offer jumbo slabs. The jumbo slabs were an immediate success as the design and building community quickly realised they could reduce material costs and maximise slab usage as well as be creative with their designs.

The Talostone Calacatta LuxeTM 9030 is available in Australia now.

For more information contact the Talostone Head Office – info@talostone.com.au – (02) 8783 0600