Supporting your unique design ideas, current design trends and personal preferences; Blum has a variety of tools to support you during specification and initial design stages.

One of the tools available to assist you when specifying Blum products is a dedicated webpage available through The Services for Architects and Designers section of the website offers specific information and innovative solutions which are available to you to meet your project demands.

Specification documents

Where full specification documents and specification text relevant to the Australian product range can be downloaded as a PDF and used as required. The information also outlines product features and range suitable for interior designers, architects, furniture designers and planners.

Design and furniture trends

Gain ideas and recommendations on the functionality of furniture and what is available. Blum’s motion technologies assist in making furniture open and close softly, make handle-less design possible and also enhances the overall functionality of the furniture.

Furniture with Blum fittings

If you are looking for ideas or solutions for your designs, this area outlines how the Blum range can be used in kitchens, or in any living area throughout the home. Solutions range from practical storage, space saving ideas, functional designs and easy access.

For more information on any of Blum’s products or support for architects and designers, visit