Blum Australia continued to streamline the specification process for designers in 2017, with the following services and products rolled out throughout the year:

1. A dedicated section on the Blum website: support for your unique design ideas, current design trends and inspiration is available through this web resource, designed especially for specifiers. Full specification documents and specification texts relevant to the Australian product range are also available, making the specification of Blum products a breeze.

2. A hardware fan deck of drawer and pull-out solutions for LEGRABOX, TANDEMBOX, MOVENTO and TANDEM: this handy ready reckoner is a must have for the designer and specifier.

3. The TANDEMBOX program: Blum’s core belief in providing impressive quality and optimal functionality for the life time of the furniture was further enhanced with the release of the optimised TANDEMBOX programme. Functions of the existing programme have been re-engineered to improve operating characteristics and technology, providing an even greater quality of motion. 

4. TIP-ON BLUMOTION for TANDEMBOX: the highly anticipated release extended the support solutions available for handle-less designs and completed the TIP-ON BLUMOTION offer from Blum. 

5. Solutions for unique design ideas: with the introduction of CABLOXX locking system and CLIP top BLUMOTION in onyx black, a new world of design opportunities has been opened up for designers. 

Contact your local Blum representative or visit for full details on product and services released throughout 2017.