Gathering 80-odd design and industry professionals together for some ‘team creativity’ was a risky ambition, but Lisa Chapman of Designer Training Australia pulled it off without injury or incident!

With the much-appreciated support of session sponsor, Laminex Australia, the Design Master Class saw teams tested in a fun-filled on-the-spot design challenge.

With up-and-coming designers sitting alongside their more experienced peers and industry stalwarts, the room was abuzz with design adrenalin! After a short presentation about ‘looking for inspiration in your every day’, the classmates were challenged to apply these principles in designing a laminate print for production. They were then charged with the task of integrating their new product range into a kitchen or bathroom design, and the results were truly inspiring!

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Huge thanks once again to Laminex Australia for allowing us to present this fantastic Master Class, and to the team at Designer Training Australia for their enormous efforts in pulling together a great session!