In order to provide the best possible version of each of their products, Blum place as much focus on further improving existing product lines as they do new product development.

Since the initial release of TANDEMBOX in the mid 90’s, the box system has undergone a series of technical and design modifications to meet market demands.

After extensive review, research, further development and product testing, Blum are pleased to reveal the most significant optimisation to the technology and function of their TANDEMBOX box system to date. Important functions of the existing TANDEMBOX system have been optimised to provide an improved TANDEMBOX drawer solution that offers lighter opening forces with a smoother transition into the running action. Stability has been significantly improved with an optimisation to the front fixing bracket, and improvements to the TANDEMBOX drawer side and cabinet profile have further enhanced the smooth, light running action of the drawer or pull-out.

One Box System, two programme lines – a popular and proven product

Blum’s TANDEMBOX programme offers a variety of design possibilities which provide plenty of scope for furniture design. The proven TANDEMBOX line includes two entirely different styles to choose from: TANDEMBOX intivo with design elements made from various materials is available in Terra Black and Silk White colour finishes and will exceed all design and functional expectations, while TANDEMBOX antaro offers a sophisticated and modular design with all components colour coordinated in a Silk White finish to underline a minimalist style.

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