A message from our Gold Sponsor, Schweigen

Schweigen silent rangehoods not only excel in their innovative silent technology, but also are industry leaders in bringing the latest design trends to the masses.  The silent ceiling cassette rangehood is fast becoming the pick of the bunch for industry professionals, and here’s why:

Ceiling cassettes open up the kitchen space.

Integrating a rangehood within the ceiling undoubtedly creates sleek, modern lines and allows for an aesthetic that is open, spacious and unburdened.

Although doing so brings a lot more than just design aesthetic.  

A ceiling cassette rangehood brings you back into family conversations, engages you with your guests and takes you back in to the living space. You can live, breathe and enjoy every cherished moment within your kitchen and/or living area.  

Although they’re in the ceiling, they are powerful.

Schweigen’s silent ceiling cassettes offers truly powerful extraction of grease, oils and unwanted odours, despite their proximity to the cooktop. The German-made Isodrive® motor powerfully extracts unwanted particles by pulling air outside, rather than pushing like conventional hoods. Any unwanted odours are removed, and external noise is absorbed by ambient sounds, allowing your kitchen to reclaim its rightful places as the hub of your home.

They bring effortless cooking from the touch of a button.

With the touch of a button from a remote, a cassette such as the UM4220-12S or UM422G-12S proves functional, effortless, and innovative. A unique feature to look for in a ceiling cassette is Perimeter Aspiration. Targeting air extraction towards the perimeter of the cassette, creating a smaller and more intense extraction area. The stunning 2 metre Schweigen IN. CC-INART ceiling cassette is a remarkable, breathtaking feature-rangehood that benefits from PA. This rangehood takes cooking to the next level and is the ‘wow’ factor in any kitchen without interrupting the interior design and aesthetic.

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