A message from KBDi Silver Sponsor, PYTHA 3D CAD

Chris Heiniger of Heiniger Joinery has been a proud PYTHA user since 2003. One of the things Chris has most appreciated about PYTHA 3D CAD since then is the ongoing opportunities to deliver feedback directly to the software developers.

Chris met the German programmers at the Pytha Partners 20 Year Conference in Sydney, and didn’t hesitate in taking the opportunity to meet with them again in Bali this month.

He’s shutting up shop for the Anzac Day long weekend and taking his tradie, Lukas, to Legian Beach. The pair are looking forward to the inaugural PYTHA Asia Pacific User Meeting, and are keen to collaborate with the developers once again. They’ll no doubt come home with some polished PYTHA skills and a great handle on the long list of features in Version 24.

If you haven’t registered for this event yet, do it today so you don’t miss out!

You’ll see the full program here and find registration details here. With only a couple of weeks to go, you’d better get cracking!

**Registration deadline has been extended until Wednesday, 17 April 2019. Book now!**

Heiniger Joinery celebrate sixteen sweet years with PYTHA 3D CAD

Chris Heiniger of Heiniger Joinery has been a proud PYTHA user since 2003.

The Queanbeyan-based joiner enjoys delivering a diverse range of products to his customers: working with clients like Prostyle, Habitat Construction, Plan Build Live, Smart Housing, Gr8t@mosphere, Sugar Design, Kylie Radburn Design and Karin McNamara Designers, Chris’ team tailor makes kitchens, shop fitouts, commercial joinery and free-standing furniture.

This variety in the scope of contracts required software that could offer maximum power and the ultimate in flexibility.

PYTHA 3D CAD allows the Heiniger Joinery crew to work with efficiency and accuracy. Clients receive full shop drawings and coloured renders, allowing documentation to be crystal clear for all parties. The Nesting, Labelling and Workshop modules make connections to his newly acquired CNC Machinery a breeze, and physical labour in the factory is almost effortless.

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