Pinterest and Instagram can be excellent sources of inspiration for both designers and homeowners, as can the glossy pages of our favourite home magazines.

But with so many stunning interior images (literally) at our clients’ fingertips, narrowing down a design style can become overwhelming.

When designers work with their clients to pull together these images and find a linking thread, the results can be satisfying for all involved. A well-done mood board–built together and signed off as part of a concept strategy–can be a fun, engaging and invaluable service.

The activity can help you really understand your Client’s aesthetic preferences and give you many opportunities to discuss the pros, cons and cost-related issues of the styles and finishes they’re drawn to.

And with your professional guidance, the Client will see the value in using the mood board as inspiration and avoid flat-out imitation. And this is a win for all of us, right?

On this note, we’ve put together our top three tips for encouraging a client to ‘add their own flavour’ to their new kitchen, bathroom or interior.

1. Bring a remix to the reno

‘Every new idea is just a mashup or a remix of one or more previous ideas.’
Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist

If your clients are continually drawn to a style that won’t necessarily suit their home or budget, consider looking for parallels of features that you could remix to fit. What is the element that catches their eye? A colour? A tile? A combination of finishes? How can you take that element and give it a new spin? If your finished design has a hint of the original inspiration, but it’s been reworked enough to have its own sense of style, you’ve done right.

2. Workshop the Whites
If the all-white kitchen keeps making appearances in your Client’s collection, consider discussing what makes ‘the right white’ for them. We covered this some time back, but the information in this feature still applies. Looking at white spaces with a little more knowledge will help you get the white right early on.

3. Remember the Magic Rule of Three
You’ll find the Rule of Three in all kinds of applications because it works. We tend to remember things in threes (hence this trio of tips), and, as a rule, things just look better in threes. If your Client is becoming overwhelmed with choices or straight-out decision fatigued, agree to settle on three features or elements that are not negotiable in your new design. For example, your magic three could be:

  • a geometric tile + the colour blue + timber or
  • vertical lines + cool whites + something glossy or (because it would be weird if we didn’t have three)
  • a warm timber + a hint of peach + a round basin.

If you’ve mastered mood boards and have some tips to share, we’d love to hear them below.

And if mood boards are really your marmalade and you’d like to deliver a workshop to consumers at our 2023 Home Shows in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, contact Selina today.