A message from our Gold Sponsor, Schweigen

Schweigen presents the UM1390 rangehood series designed for deeper overhead cabinetry

Undermount rangehoods have revolutionised the way we look at modern kitchen design. Schweigen’s silent undermount rangehoods work especially well with sleek integrated kitchens, as they are designed to be neither seen nor heard as they operate.

Size Matters

The UM1390 series is designed to fit better into deeper cabinetry to offer greater extraction zone over the cooking surface. At a massive 390mm depth, the range fits perfectly within 400mm deep cabinetry – making it the ideal option for customers looking to maximise their overhead storage space.

On the flip side, the increased coverage leaves little room for airborne grease, smoke, stan and odours to escape – helping customers protect their investments by keeping their homes fresher and newer for longer.

Flexible Options

Schweigen’s UM1390 series come with a patented German-made EBM Isodrive® motor system that is recognised as one of the quietest, most energy-efficient and powerful domestic extraction units available. All units come with right-sized flexible ducting at no extra cost, and are externally mounted for silent extraction in the kitchen.

Available in 60cm, 90cm, and an upcoming 120cmmodel, the UM1390 series come with 2 different Silent Isodrive® Motor Options, and is suitable for roof or wall installations Australia-wide:

  • ST– single external motor – 900m3/hr airflow with 200mm flexi-ducting (4m)
  • SP– single external motor – 1600m3/hr airflow with 200mm flexi-ducting (6m)

For more information, please see Schweigen’s Silent Undermount Rangehoods, or consult our brand new Silent Rangehood Buying Guide.

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