As events continue to be cancelled or postponed across the globe (Eurocucina) and in Australia (AWISA), many of us are finding some gaping holes in our calendars. In this feature, we’re sharing six ways you can turn these openings into new opportunities for business and self improvement, ensuring you’re ready to relaunch with a bang when life returns to some kind of ‘normal’.

#1 Making space for ‘what’s next’
Most of us attend trade shows and design fairs to get a sneak peek into the products we can look forward to specifying in the near future. These shows and fairs will return – along with their associated product launches; in the meantime, we have a great opportunity to do a stocktake on our current product libraries. When was the last time you cleared out your sample collection? Are you hanging on to samples and catalogues of products that you haven’t specified for years? Allow yourself half a day to clear out your digital and/or ‘actual’ samples collection, ensuring you leave some dedicated space for ‘what’s next’.

#2 Clearing up your cash flow
Some enforced ‘quiet time’ may or may not come with a little bit of ‘belt-tightening’. Rather than panicking about a potential reduction in income, set aside some time to scrutinise your bank statements. You’ll more than likely find some leaks in your cash flow (check out our tips for this here); fixing these outgoing leaks may help negate any slowdowns in cash flowing in.

#3 Business plan refresh
Most of us spend so much time working in our businesses that we’ve little time left to work on them. Use this opportunity to revisit your business plan (or create one if you haven’t already). Are you on track with your business goals? Has your direction changed, or do you think it should? Are your current marketing strategies helping you hit your target, or should you be reassessing?

#4 Branding boost
If your business plan is on point, consider using this downtime to refresh your branding. Is your logo representative of where your business is heading? Is your website looking up-to-date? Have you got a good selection of high quality images of recent projects on display (book your photographer – today!)? Do you have a professional headshot on your social profiles? Now’s a great time to make sure your business and personal branding reflect the high-quality services you offer.

#5 Applying for accreditation
KBDi accreditation allows you to demonstrate to your potential new clients that your experience, competency and professionalism has been verified by a national industry organisation. Did you know that we’ve launched an all-new accreditation program? We now have three different pathways for entering into accreditation (learn more here), and we encourage you to use your new-found time to take the next step in your career.

#6 Enter the KBDi Designer Awards

If aiming for high-quality clients is a part of your business plan, and you’ve been clever in capturing your work with some snazzy professional pics, there’s no better time than now to enter the KBDi Designer Awards. Adding a ‘KBDi Finalist’ badge to your online imagery is an excellent way to show your clients you’re serious about your work and (better than) good at what you do. Learn more about this year’s program here.

Here at KBDi, we’re a little unsure about how the current state of affairs will impact upon our event schedule. What we do know, however, is we will continue to find ways to support you in your design business in the challenging times ahead. We’re always eager to learn how we can help you stay at the top of your game, and welcome any suggestions or requests you may have. Contact us directly here, or comment below.