A message from our Gold Sponsor, Schweigen

Along with Australia’s increasing demand for all-season outdoor entertaining areas, we’ve witnessed the rise in popularity of alfresco kitchens and outdoor dining areas.

These areas lose their appeal, however, when guests struggle to hear themselves, the music or enjoy their experience because of excessive smoke, odours and grease from the grill or barbecue. 

Worse still is the fact that airborne grease, oil and fat particles from the cooking stick onto the walls and ceiling of these new spaces, slowing ruining paint, structure and investments over time.

Bring refined restaurant-quality alfresco dining home

Enter Schweigen’s Silent BBQ Alfresco Rangehoods – purpose-built to banish airborne grease, smoke, odours and rangehood noise from outdoor cooktops and grills.

Schweigen’s CL7272S and CL7275S models feature its patented German-engineered Isodrive® motor systems mounted outside the home, for powerful yet silent extraction over the grill/cooktop. This motor is recognised as the quietest, most efficient and highest-powered domestic extraction unit available today.

Unlike conventional rangehoods which have the motor and fan installed within the canopy or somewhere along the ducting, Schweigen’s silent rangehoods have their motors installed outside your home. This means the externally-mounted fans extract cooking exhaust in one seamless energy-efficient pull, unlike conventional systems which need to pull exhaust in through the canopy, and then push it down the ducting to the outdoors – introducing different wind pressures, turbulence and noise as they do so.

Now, guests can finally breathe easy, and enjoy the hum of laughter and conversation as they cook.

Built to impress

Sporting clean modern lines and striking geometric shapes, these grand wallmounts make a bold design statement in any outdoor cooking environment, and are constructed using high-grade 304 stainless-steel to withstand the harsh Australian environment.

They come with easy-push button controls, variable 3-speed levels, plus lifetime guarantees on dishwasher-safe baffles and GU10 LED globes – so owners remain the shining light of patio parties in their neighbourhood for years to come.

Available in 120cm and 150cm sizes, the energy-efficient CL7272S and CL7275S come with 2 different Silent Isodrive® Motor Options, and are suitable for roof and wall installations Australia-wide:

  • SP2 – twin external motors – 3000m3/hr airflow with 200mm flexi-ducting (6m)
  • SE – single external motor – 3200m3/hr airflow with 250mm flexi-ducting (4m)

From our backyard to yours

Schweigen’s specialty is Australian-owned Silent rangehoods. You are assured satisfaction dealing with the brand behind Australia’s number one selling silent rangehood with German-engineered EBM motors.

For more information, see Schweigen’s Silent BBQ Alfresco Rangehoods here.

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