Over the last ten years, TLD Kitchens has grown to become the largest specialist wholesale manufacturer of customer-built cabinetry in Victoria.  They manufacture exclusively for mid to high-end kitchen and bathroom specialists and never supply directly to the public.

TLD’s client base has almost doubled over the last few years, and now comprises some of Melbourne’s best-known and most-respected retailers – most of whom are KBDi Members. The company’s unrivalled reputation for quality, service and value-for-money has spread through the industry and word-of-mouth has led these new customers to trust TLD to build their cabinetry.  In doing so, TLD has built well over 50 KBDi, HIA and CMDA prize-winning entries over the last few years alone.

TLD have been supporting KBDi’s Victorian chapter members through local KBDi Chapter Sponsorship since 2010. Despite not currently trading in other states (and therefore not requiring a higher sponsorship level), the company decided to increase their contribution to a KBDi Bronze Sponsorship in 2015 in an effort to further support the KBDi in their mutual commitment to the ongoing improvement of the kitchen industry.

Indeed, they have a second-to-none reputation as a reliable, ethical, and scrupulously honest company.

People trust what they say, as they know TLD stands by their word – always.

The company’s underlying ethos when things go wrong – and let’s face it, things CAN go wrong, whether through designer error, check-measure error or manufacturing errors – TLD fixes them first and worries about whose fault it was later.

They use state-of-the-art manufacturing software (CabinetVision) and have invested heavily in duplicating key machinery, so clients do not suffer if a flatbed router or edgebander breaks down (as these things often do) – production is simply switched to another machine.

Their twenty employees comprise a majority of experienced and qualified cabinet-makers (not just process workers and assemblers) so customers can be assured that all jobs, from the simple to the completely bespoke and highly complex, go out properly built.

Attention-to-detail is something they are never complacent with – they live and breathe quality – and safety.

This year a major focus will be on implementing a completely new QC process to facilitate even better product delivery.

For more information or to see how TLD might be able to make your life less stressful and more rewarding, please don’t hesitate to contact David Boggiano on 0418 360 365 / 03 8779 2800, or email david_boggiano@tldkitchens.com.