🤩🥂🍾 KBDi State and National Winners to be announced tonight! 🍾🥂🤩

Get out your favourite frocks, socks and ties (or jimmy-jams and uggs, if that’s your preference), and join us in our virtual ballroom as we reveal Australia’s Finest designers of 2021 on Friday, 20 August.

Friday, 20 August 2021
The virtual doors will open at 6 pm AEST. Through the power of technology, you’ll connect, catch up and get ready to celebrate with your fellow designers and industry peers.
Official proceedings will kick off at 7 pm AEST: join us as we reveal the KBDi Designer Awards STATE and NATIONAL winners. Who will be named Australia’s Finest in 2021?
So how does a virtual gala work? Just three simple steps and you’ll be in:
Step 1 (do this one today)save your spot via the link below:

This link will provide all the details you’ll need to gain access the to the event, along with some tips for virtual networking.

TIP #1: If you joined us last year, you may still be in the system – if you don’t remember your password from 12 months ago (what’s wrong with you!?!), do a quick reset.

TIP #2: Keep your (new) password handy – you’ll need it again on Friday night.

Step 2: gather your crew!  

This is a great time to join your industry peers and loved ones for a night of celebration!  While we can’t get together face-to-face, we can play a neat little game: co-ordinate team members, colleagues, clients, friends and family to join you at a table in our virtual ballroom.

Step 3 (Friday night): enter the ballroom

You will have been sent an email when you completed step one above. Use the link in this email to enter the ballroom (i.e. access the virtual event). Make sure your mic and webcam are working, and join your peers in the KBDi virtual ballroom.

Virtual Networking (here’s how…)

When you’ve entered the ballroom:

  • You’ll automatically be allocated a seat. You can run your mouse over chairs to see who is sitting at your table and say g’day to your table mates (video or audio chats are available).
  • If you’re a mover-and-mingler, hover over surrounding chairs, double click on a table and click on a spare chair to join in.
  • Need a quiet word with a friend? You can private chat (or public chat) with other attendees.
  • If you have questions, look for the Help Lounge in the room – someone will help you out.
  • Announcements will be made to guide you through the event.  

Award Announcements:

  • We’ll let you know when it’s time to top up your glasses, sit back and get ready for the show!
  • We encourage you to comment on the outstanding work and achievements of your peers.  (Text chat only will be switched on during this time – no video.)
  • If you’re the winner of KBDi Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year, KBDi Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year or KBDi Australian Certified Designer of the Year, we’d love to hear from you. Be prepared for a live cross so we can share the love. 💙

Traditionally, we usually have a few hang-abouts at our Gala events (you know who you are 😜). If you’re keen to mingle after the official proceedings, we’ve got you covered. We’ll be keeping our ballroom open for a little while after the formal event so you can congratulate winners and share comments.

KBDi Virtual Ballroom House Rules 

  • We ask all participants using the chat functions to act respectfully.  Profanity or derogatory remarks will not be tolerated, and you’ll be promptly given the boot.
  • Remember to social distance and keep your mask on at all times. (Kidding!)

While we’d love to be getting ready for our in-the-real and much-loved glittering Gala, we hope our KBDi community will rally together in this virtual platform. We all need a bit of design-inspired joy right now – some more than others – and we look forward to welcoming as many of our Members, peers and friends as we can gather this Friday night.

As always, if you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the office on 1300 253 223 or 0438 233 861.

See you tonight!