A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Cabinets by Computer

In today’s high-tech and fast-paced world, the creative process can be compromised.

The inspiration and creative process of design take time and consideration, yet many clients are accustomed to instant gratification in modern life. Although speed and quality may at times seem contrasting, both functions need to coexist in order to survive in this highly competitive environment.


Modern design software effectively meets the client’s desire for realistic, quality designs as well as providing ‘in the moment’ results. Programs such as Cabinets by Computer’s KD Max allow designers to address client’s impatience by involving them in the design process.

The biggest ‘wow’ factor software design tools like KD Max provide is a visual experience for clients. Having the ability to drag, drop and move products around in your kitchen design software is a great way to show clients your creative abilities while the design takes shape with speed. Get instant feedback and input from your client and leave them with an initial visualisation of their design within minutes rather than hours or days.

“Easy to create 3D renders can assist in selling more designs much faster to potential clients. More consumers are wanting photo-realistic 3D views of their kitchens before a purchase decision is made,” says Brodie Airey, Senior KD Max consultant.

While simple processes and lightning-fast rendering options allow you to present your quality designs to clients in the moment, you don’t lose your ability to show your designs at an even more advanced level. Without the need to redraw a design, a simple change in settings can utilise photon rendering to present ultra-realistic designs.

Today’s 3D design software often draws from thousands of product catalogues to create images that accurately display what the finished product will look like.

“Providing clients with 3D Renderings is a sure way to impress and secure jobs,” says Brodie.

From ease of use, scaled rendering, videos and virtual reality scenes to instantly generated plans and elevations, innovative design software like KD Max provide streamlined efficiencies and enhanced presentation that you simply cannot put a price tag on.

There is a direct correlation between a happy client and a successful project. It’s one thing to have a beautiful and functional space at the end of a project, but most importantly, the process and experience throughout the project must be positive.

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