Architecture & Design has announced the results of its Trusted Brands 2018 survey and revealed Australia’s best brands in the architecture, building, construction, and design industries.

With 6,000 votes counted, Blum Australia has been awarded the Trusted Brand for the Kitchens & Kitchen Equipment category and placed 3rd as the overall Trusted Brand winner.

“We continually focus on dialogue with our customers and their experiences with Blum so we can understand their everyday requirements, this feedback is a key element in our efforts to develop products and services that support our efforts to become a valuable business partner. Receiving this award is a nice recognition of this translating to our customers and we are very humbled to win the most trusted brand in the kitchen and kitchen equipment category”, shares David Noakes, Director –Sales and Marketing, Blum Australia

This was also reflected in the Trusted Brands Survey, which sets out to uncover the drivers behind trustworthiness while also helping to define trust as something based on three key pillars: Quality, Consciousness, and Candour.

“Entirely dependable, beautiful to use, lifetime warranty backs me up when I’m promoting so I can specify without any worries” Leonie, 2018 Top Trusted Blum Brand voter.

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