KBDi_Natalie Bristow_Austaron

When designer Natalie Bristow (Harvey Norman Design & Renovations) met the owners of a luxurious Heritage-listed apartment, they made one thing clear: they wanted to combine the timeless elements of a traditional looking kitchen with the practical qualities of technologically advanced materials.

While Calacatta honed marble makes its statement on the splashback, a sturdy Staron Solid Surface (in colour Aspen Lily) holds its ground on the work surfaces of this beautiful kitchen.

The stunning product is manufactured from a natural mineral refined from bauxite and blended with a pure acrylic resin. This combination produces a non-porous surface that is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. In a truly sustainable fashion, the product is also repairable and renewable; even after years of use, it can be sanded back to its original condition. With no finishing polishes or sealers required, Staron is the same on the surface as it is within, and every wipe to the benchtop will actually rejuvenate the surface.

Staron is monolithic, too, and long and wide continuing surfaces can be installed with no open or finishing joins. It can be thermoformed in to flowing curves, or sculpted in to any shape imaginable, making it a truly flexible design alternative.

Learn more about Staron here, and see more of Natalie’s beautiful kitchen here, where she’s featured as a finalist in this year’s KBDi Designer Awards 2017 in the Small Kitchens NSW category. Winners will be announced at KBDi’s Gala in Adelaide on 16 September, and we wish Natalie much luck!