Now more than ever people are looking for ways to organise and de-clutter their living space. Gone are the days of chaos in drawers, with homeowners wanting the contents of a drawer or pull-out to always be easily accessible and visible at a glance.

AMBIA-LINE from Blum is the sophisticated inner dividing system that beautifully organises furniture interiors. AMBIA-LINE compliments the elegant design of LEGRABOX and offers a variety of options to organise the interior of furniture with a highly presentable and stylish look at the same time. Available in three colour variants; AMBIA-LINE merges beautifully with LEGRABOX drawers and pull-outs for a harmonious design throughout all living areas.

The versatile and compact AMBIA-LINE frames can be used in any configuration providing practical and functional organisation. Flexible cross dividers can easily be adjusted to fit the size of the goods being stored. The frames can be positioned anywhere in the drawer or pull-out with a magnetic fixing side and non-slip feet providing a secure hold.

A good kitchen is beautiful as well as practical. Provide your customers the complete package with a high-quality drawer and inner dividing system that offers well-though-out details and a harmonious sleek design, bringing a high level of functionality and workflow to every kitchen.

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