Versatility in design with Staron Zero Silica Solid Surfaces

Feb 7, 2024 | Kitchen Design, Partner Message

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Austaron Surfaces.

Exploring the top stand-out features of Staron Solid Surfaces for custom joinery in kitchen design.

Developed in 1991, Staron Solid Surfaces is Silica free and has been specified globally with confidence since then. The 2024 range consists of almost 100 colours that artfully blend visual appeal with the unmatched practicality of Solid Surfaces. Discover the unique features that set Staron apart:

Coved Returns:

    • Eliminates Silicon: The unique coved returns remove the need for silicon, preventing grimy seams.
    • Maintenance-Free: Integrating a 10mm cove lifts splashbacks from the benchtop, ensuring a tidy and hygienic surface.

Kitchen designed by Beaver Kitchens

Customisable Designs:

    • Seamless Integration: Tailor design with seamlessly integrated tile coves, splashbacks, and sinks.
    • Curve it carve it: Staron can be thermoformed to create custom curves and easily routed to create three dimensional decorative features.

Kitchen designed by SpaceCraft Joinery, SA

Kitchen designed by Kate Anderson Design, Qld

Kitchen designed by AM Interior Studio, Qld

100% Non-Porous:

    • Stain resistant: liquids such as wine, tea & coffee will not be absorbed. Staron is also commonly used in laboratory settings due to its high performance.
    • Hygienic Surface: The non-porous and seamless attributes make it ideal for food preparation areas.

Kitchen designed by Design Artistry, NSW

Seamless Joining Technique:

    • Monolithic Counters: Design large counters without the restrictions of sheet sizes. Two pieces become one with the unique joining capability of solid surface.
    • Flexible Profiles: Offers adaptability in specifying benchtop profiles and thickness, enhancing kitchen aesthetics.

Kitchen designed by Sublime Group, Qld

UV Stability:

    • Exterior Applications: Staron offers a range of colours that can be used in exterior spaces for outdoor kitchen design.

Renewable and Repairable:

    • Sustainable Choice: Staron can be easily renewed and repaired, prolonging its lifespan and contributing to eco-friendly design.
    • Minimized Waste: Reducing the need for complete replacements and cuts down on building waste.

Upcycled Kitchen Display

End-of-Life Repurposing:

    • Reduced Landfill Impact: At the end of the project lifecycle, Staron can be transformed into other furniture items, minimising material waste.

Whether you’re redesigning your kitchen or embarking on a new project, Staron offers a versatile, eco-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. For more information on designing with Staron, see Benefits of Staron Solid Surfaces | Austaron Surfaces.


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