One of the daily chores in the kitchen is the disposal of food scraps. A waste separation system that meets the respective lifestyle, household size and local waste separation and disposal regulations makes this everyday task considerably easier. Ideally, a modern system should not compromise the aesthetics of the kitchen – and should therefore disappear behind the doors of the kitchen sink unit, including all of the various bins needed.

VS ENVI Space by system specialist Vauth-Sagel meets all of the requirements of modern waste disposal. Impressively, it can be pulled out fully and comes with a soft close mechanism that makes it easy to pull the system out and push it back in, and this almost completely noiselessly. Two different fitting heights and a wide range of different bin sizes that can be combined to offer 20 to 60 litres of disposal volume in total make it possible to customise the system and also offer personalised comfort. The modular concept makes it easy to configure a system that meets the locally applicable disposal regulations, which can vary greatly, or to create customer-specific depth versions with very little effort. The waste separation system is perfectly closed by a robust, double powder coated metal lid that can also be used as an additional storage shelf.

A new addition to our range is the accessory version VS ENVI Toolbox, which creates additional storage space inside the various different waste separation systems. VS ENVI Toolbox is an organiser element that fits onto all of the already existing VS ENVI range of systems with bin sizes from 13 to 28 litres and can be used to collect small waste items such as batteries or corks or for storing equipment or utensils. Users can divide the toolbox into different compartments as required. It is also portable and can be utilised wherever it is needed in the home: it is also perfect for storing toys, cleaning materials or tools, for example. The range of fresh colours and the end consumer packaging make this the ideal package.

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