The arrival of the New Year brings with it fresh trends across all areas of our lives. To help Australians stay ahead of the game when it comes to home design, Niall Galvin, Style and Design Expert at Cosentino Australia has shared his insights on what’s hot for 2017.

Marble benchtops are OUT!
The fashion of using natural marble for benchtops is OUT. Whilst marble is an incredibly beautiful material, not everybody has the time to give it the love and maintenance that it really needs. Products like Dekton can now replicate the stunning look that marble brings to a space, without the hassle of maintenance.
Fusions of Japanese and Scandinavian designs
This year, we’ll see many designers bring together the much loved Scandinavian look characterised by clean lines and understated elegance, with a touch of Japanese traditional Zen, known for modest designs and earthy tones.

Zen philosophy is centred on natural elements, brought to life through basics such as wooden textures and indoor plants. The fusion of this with the minimalistic nature of Scandinavian design paves the way for a balanced space.

Subdued shades of grey are IN
The colour palette for 2017 is warm grey tones with green accent colours. With granite being back in vogue, designers will make the most of this trend throughout the year by bringing in natural beauty and purposeful functionality in their overall designs.

Take a break from tech
With technology becoming a central part of our lives, it’s important to have a peaceful environment to escape to so that your mind can switch off. The key to creating a natural space with a neutralised feel to help you wind down is to embrace natural products and colours.

To successfully achieve this, we will see designers embrace the outdoor scene of the particular space they are working on, and incorporate hues from the fusion between Japanese and Scandinavian designs.

Less is more
With the variety of choice growing more and more each year, choosing your absolute favourite colours and trends and extending these throughout your home will work a treat! With Cosentino’s Silestone product range, you can stick to the shade you love and match your sink with the benchtop finish.

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