KBDi Conference Cancellation Policy


  • If, after booking a ticket for the KBDi Conference, you are unable to attend, you are welcome to nominate someone else to attend in your place.
  • If a non-member replaces a member, an additional fee will be charged to reflect the correct non-member rate to attend.
  • Substitutions must be advised via email so a correct name tag will be available at the registration desk.


  • Cancellation more than 28 days: 80% refund
  • Cancellation 28 days or less, no refund
  • Cancellation must be in writing. The effective date is the date of email received.


COVID-safe and booking with confidence
We know that the world has changed and there is uncertainty around events, so here is our approach to making this work:

The event will be fully COVID-safe and compliant above and beyond any basic government health requirements to do what we reasonably can to protect your health and safety and that of all attendees. That will include appropriate social distancing and other measures.


COVID cancellation:
KBDi will offer you a full refund in the following instances:

  • If the event is cancelled or must be moved due to COVID issues
  • If you are unable to attend because government travel restrictions are imposed to and from the city where the Hotel is located due to an outbreak of COVID-19.


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