It isn’t news that all-white kitchens have been having a moment. When the design is clean and simple, the details become the most important aspect. To keep all-white aesthetic without creating a cold, clinical feel becomes a study in texture and subtlety.

The HI-MACS range of whites is the answer for how to make all-white a full dimensional, welcoming space. With choices that range from one solid colour straight through to speckles and waves, the 16 options in the white collection range have the perfect option for any design.

Alpine White is the colour that answers the stark, blue undertone white that has dominated the kitchen and bathroom scene. One of the benefits of a solid colour like Alpine, Arctic, Breeze, Satin, and Diamond White is the fluidity and seamless aspect that can only come through a HI-MACS solid – no matter the design, the colour and look is completely consistent.

Andromeda is one of the newer options of the whites that embraces the more natural affect with speckles throughout. Perna White sparkles with a dusting of crystalised white. Arctic Granite has a stronger appearance of speckles and spots while still keeping neutral white at the forefront. And Mist has a wave through it so subtle it takes a keen eye to discern why it is particularly captivating.

The options continue to make sure all manner and need have the perfect white HI-MACS option with the full thermoformability and durability of HI-MACS. Enjoy all of the benefits of acrylic solid surface in the exact colour you desire. For more information, or to order samples, visit:
HI-MACS Gunnersen
Phone: 1300 088 066