A number of Members have made the most of an all-new membership benefit in 2019, scheduling mentoring sessions with our industry experts about a range of topics.

Whether you’re an all-out newbie or a long-time designer, a mentoring session may be just the tool you need to move yourself to the next destination in your design journey. In this feature, we’ll share some good reasons to seek out a mentor, and let you know what’s in it for us, too.

Sharing is (self) caring

Our industry can be full of colour and creativity, but it can be a bit crazy-making, too. With our heads down in design-and-documentation-mode day after day, it’s easy to get caught up inside our own thoughts, and a bit introspective about where we’re headed. Whether you have a design dilemma or a business bother, offloading your dramas to a neutral party can simply stop your ‘monkey mind’, and let your own brilliance bubble to the top.

One man’s mistake makes another man’s lesson

Our team of mentors has many, many (many) years of combined experience. This experience, of course, includes many mistakes, and there’s good a chance our errors can be your education. If you’ve made a mistake or think you’re about to, there’s a good chance one of us have been there before, and we may be able to help you see a way out.

A little push in the right direction

If you know exactly where you want to go, but have no idea which way to head, our industry know-how can help send you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for formal training, career maneuvers or new client targets, we’re here to help you find the most efficient route to your destination.

Ready to meet a mentor? Check out our Mentors here and work out who’ll be the best fit for your session, then contact Bron or Tracey (1300 253 223) to tee up a time.

Pssst! It’s not all about you…

As an industry group, our primary goal is to help our Members move forward. We’re not all hearts and flowers, though, and we have our own agenda (gasp!): by engaging with our Members one-on-one as often as we can, we aim to get a better handle on what our Members (and the industry as a whole) really need from the organisation representing them. When we keep connected to each and every one of you, we don’t need to keep guessing what you want from KBDi, and can tailor-make content and benefits that will be genuinely helpful for Australia’s Finest kitchen and bathroom design professionals.