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In such a competitive market place, you can’t deny the importance of a post-sales strategy. No matter the industry, a post-sale process guarantees you are continuing to meet the customer’s expectations well after the sale has been made. Providing a point of difference with your service and leading to a competitive edge over your competition is the goal. 

What are some of the benefits of using a Post Sale Strategy?

  • An increase in sales
  • The loyalty of your customers
  • An improvement in your performance
  • A point of difference from your competitors


Let’s take a quick look at some of the techniques you can implement as part of your post-sale-process.

Thank your Customer

After your customer has just made a purchase, they deserve a thank you by sending an automated email or a thank you note added to the delivered product. You make the customer’s experience more enjoyable and show they have chosen well by doing business with you or your company. In addition, with the name of a person to contact in case of questions, you reassure the customer that your company is doing everything they can.

Contact your Customer After 1-2 Weeks

One to two weeks after the purchase, it is advantageous to contact your customer to ask them if they are satisfied, received good service or if they have any questions. This contact serves as only a mark of attention, not to sell them more. The goal is to acknowledge the appreciation of the product or service sold.

Maintain Communication

You can continuously maintain communication with your customer’s by sending an e-newsletter to inform them about topics that affect them, or by offering information through articles, videos, guides and social media to help advise them on needs. You will show, by maintaining communication, your professionalism and expertise. If you give them all the information they need, they will be less likely to go elsewhere.


Ask for Recommendations

If your customer appreciates you, there is no reason not to recommend you. Happy customers will be eager to help you offer your services or products to those around them.