22 reasons to join in 22

KBDi Members enjoy a well-rounded range of benefits designed to assist them in all areas of their profession. Our offerings are based on four pillars – knowledge, business, design and inspiration – and engaged members enjoy the following:


  1. professional development delivered at our quarterly KBDi Local Chapter Events and our annual national conference
  2. professional development in the comfort of your own home or studio, delivered via Zoom
  3. access to Technical and Design Bulletins covering a range of industry-relevant topics
  4. shortcuts to Australian Standards and the NCC


  1. free design and business mentoring – tap into our team of design and business professionals
  2. connection to consumers (your future clients) through the KBDi Member Profile directory
  3. connection to suppliers, affiliates (associated trades and service providers) and other designers through our in-person and virtual networking
  4. connection to potential employees (students, graduates and experienced designers)
  5. the opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism and commitment to the industry through volunteer and leadership roles
  6. access to Professional Indemnity + Products + Public Liability Insurance tailored to suit design professionals
  7. discounted legal advice with our partner, SprintLaw
  8. access to tailor-made Design Consultancy Agreements (free to all Designer & Associate Members)
  9. HR advice and assistance through our partnership with Employsure


  1. training opportunities with our Training and Education Partners
  2. design accreditation: demonstrate knowledge and know-how with KBDi Accreditation, and earn the post-nominals CKD Au (KBDi Certified Kitchen Designer) and/or CBD Au (KBDi Certified Bathroom Designer)
  3. access to design-related articles, talks and workshops
  4. product and industry updates direct from our partners – curated and delivered by KBDi in easy-to-digest doses
  5. invitation to our Annual Design Conference
  6. access to our Designer Awards Program


  1. career inspiration – learn what drives Australia’s Finest Designers with member profiles and interviews
  2. access to our private facebook group, where members share snippets of visual inspiration every day
  3. the all-in-all awesomeness of the KBDi community