New year, new management, familiar faces

Jan 24, 2024 | Industry News

With 2024 already pitching some curveballs to our industry, KBDi has recognised the need for a solid team effort in the year ahead. Accordingly, we’ve set out a winning game plan to help us all hit some home runs.

The resignation of Executive Director Royston Wilson late last year left an opportunity for KBDi to reassess our management structure. We’ve had some long-time players on our team – each with an excellent understanding of the membership, our Partners, and the broader kitchen and bathroom industry – and have provided solid support for our services with a small but dedicated staff.

So, in lieu of bringing a new executive manager into the fold, we’ve taken a collaborative approach to developing a comprehensive management team.

Greg Grant CKD Au | Executive Officer

Former KBDi Executive Director Greg Grant CKD Au will continue in the role of Executive Officer. With his highly successful business experience and borderline obsession with budgeting, Greg will take care of KBDi’s financial management. He’ll ensure every dollar of your membership fee is appropriately allocated and invested into the industry that buoys us all. With a long list of events and to-dos on the KBDi calendar, Greg will manage project delivery and help us realise our big-picture goals. And finally, team engagement and strategic planning will round out his role.

Leanne Hall | General Manager

Leanne Hall has been with the KBDi for almost ten years, and her expert event planning and business development skills working with both Members and Partners have been invaluable. She’s proven to be an outstanding office manager and will form one part of the management team in her new role as General Manager. Leanne will work closely with Greg and Selina in strategic planning and ensure that KBDi continues to deliver to Members and Partners alike.

Selina Zwolsman CKD Au CBD Au | Design and Communications Manager

Like Leanne, Selina Zwolsman CKD Au CBD Au has been a familiar face to the KBDi community for many years. For over a decade, Selina has crafted articles, bulletins and all kinds of editorial and technical resources for KBDi members. Her exceptional design skills are put into good practice each year as our KBDi Awards judging coordinator. Selina will continue her commitment to the ongoing professional development of Australia’s finest designers and, with the title of Design and Communications Manager, will round out our executive management trio.

Frank Iaria CKD Au | Executive Director

Long-time KBDi Member and active industry advocate Frank Iaria CKD Au will take on the Board position of Executive Director. Frank will be the conduit between the KBDi Board and the executive management team, ensuring we’re all on track to deliver the most valuable industry and professional support to our growing membership. Frank, alongside KBDi President Peter Sveinsson CBD Au, will ensure KBDi are well represented in industry advocacy, giving our members a voice wherever possible.

As part of this extensive management revamp, the Board intends to recruit two new KBDi Designer Members. Peter is committed to strengthening our Board to provide the highest level of support possible to the new management team, and he’ll be actively seeking suitable candidates soon.

More about the KBDi Board

Peter Sveinsson CBD Au | President

Peter has successfully served as KBDi President for the last four years. His ultimate goal is to see KBDi positioned as Australia’s foremost kitchen and bathroom association and the primary source of professional development for committed designers. He has been an active contributor to the KBDi Accreditation program and, with his extensive business and industry knowledge and connections, is an invaluable part of the team.

Sharon Terblanche | Secretary

Sharon was appointed to the Board in 2020 and accepted the position of Secretary soon after. Her attention to detail in recording discussions has been invaluable. Sharon is a spontaneous thinker and has been known to produce many ideas’ outside of the square’, prompting lively discussion amongst the Board. Sharon was elected by the membership for a four-year term in 2023.

Ellen Wundersitz | Treasurer

Ellen rounds out the current Board as Treasurer.  Ellen was appointed to the Board under the Constitution and is due to finish her appointment at the next AGM. Ellen has been a valuable contributor to discussions over the past three years and will be sorely missed when she stands down.

The KBDi word of the year is ‘Collaborate’, and we’re sure you’ll agree that the executive management team and Board presented here will demonstrate how a little collaboration can go a long way to achieving big things.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organisational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie.

We’re looking forward to a positive and productive year ahead, and thank you once again for being a part of our community.


  1. Cherel Millist

    Congratulations What a team! Perfect!

    Looking forward to another great year!

  2. Mary Maksemos

    Huge Congrats guys.
    I’m sure 2024 will be the start of many successful years in building a stronger design community.

  3. Rina Cohen CKD Au

    Thank you to all the Management Team for being our voice in the Kitchen & Bathroom industry, representing all KBDI Members

  4. Michelle Broussard

    What a team! Well done to all. Keep up the amazing work for the members and industry.

  5. Tania Kloester

    Looks like we continue to be in good hands… congratulations team!!


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