Recycling Made Easy with 4-Bucket Concelo®

Feb 7, 2024 | Kitchen Design, Partner Message

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Hideaway Bins.

Gone are the days when we put all our waste in one bin and didn’t give the environment another thought. No body likes the idea of their waste needlessly polluting the environment, which is one of the main reasons why separating waste is important.

A growing number of city councils are now collecting three or four separate types of waste and recycling. For example, Victoria is standardising household waste and recycling services across the state with four waste and recycling streams. On top of this, most Australian states have container deposit schemes for beverage containers. The main advantage of increased separation of household waste and recycling is that it significantly increases the amount and quality of what is recycled. 

With up to 70% of household waste generated in the kitchen, there is an increasing need to separate waste conveniently within the kitchen rather than sorting through and separating recycling later. Based on these evolving requirements from homeowners, Hideaway Bins recently introduced the Concelo® CR600 models, our first ever 4-bucket-in-one waste bins. These have been developed to allow waste to be easily separated into four waste and recycling buckets in one convenient unit which fits into a standard 600mm wide kitchen cabinet.

The CR600 models have all the unique features of Concelo. Each bucket in the CR600 is supported by an individual Clip’n’Clean tray, which can be removed for easy cleaning in warm soapy water. Moulded from durable polypropylene, these trays resist staining and will not rust, providing a durable hygienic waste bin.

To control odours, the Concelo Active Lid has been positioned to close over the two left hand buckets, perfect for waste or food scraps buckets, while the two right hand buckets are available for recycled items. The Active Lid is totally hands free and is compatible with electronic push to open systems like Blum Servo drive or Grass Sensomatic.

The new Concelo CR600 is available in a range of model and bucket sizes, and in white or cinder colour options.

The smaller CR600-413 offers four 13 litre buckets, which can sit behind a 50/50 drawer front split, offering 52 litres total capacity.

For larger families there are two options, which both can sit behind a 60/40 or 2/3 to 1/3 drawer fronts. The CR600-416 has four 16 litre buckets, for 64 litres of total capacity. Or if you want to mix bucket sizes to match the volume of waste generated, choose the CR600-213-216 model, which offers two 13L and two 16L buckets. For total flexibility the buckets can be configured in any position within the bin unit.

To learn more, click on this link or contact one of Hideaway’s distribution partners – Hafele, Nover or Galvin Hardware.


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