Wilson & Bradley announce additions to Cinetto Sliding System range

May 16, 2023 | Partner Message

A message from our Corporate Partners, Wilson & Bradley.

Wilson & Bradley are proud to announce the arrival of four new additions to our Cinetto range of sliding systems.

Founded in Italy in 1948, Cinetto has grown from a small hardware shop to become one of the world’s leaders in the production of sliding systems and designer aluminium profiles.

Joining our current Cinetto range are the Base sliding system for inside doors, the Veloce sliding system for hanging doors, the Invisible sliding system and the Magico sliding system for retractable doors.

The Cinetto BASE is a cost effective, simple to assemble, practical sliding system that can be used on a variety of applications such as a wardrobe, storage cabinets or overhead cabinets. The BASE uses a universal top and bottom track with optional soft close features. This system is used for applications where the door sits inside the carcase.

The Cinetto VELOCE is the perfect system for your wardrobe. Sitting concealed behind the pelmet, the doors hang on the top track and can be installed with optional soft close features. The VELOCE system can be installed with an optional bottom track for added stability and movement.

The Cinetto INVISIBLE is exactly that, Invisible! With a rebated top and bottom track, this system allows you to create a clean-cut look where the track is not exposed, allowing your door fronts and application to be the centre of attention.

The Cinetto MAGICO allows you to obtain a clean and linear result thanks to innovative technology that works without upper and lower rails and is the perfect application for walk-in closets or an entryway to a butler’s pantry. It can also be used to convert one space into two separate rooms.

Visit the Wilson & Bradley website for further information on the Cinetto sliding system range:

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