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Nov 29, 2023 | Bathroom Design

When designing lighting plans for residential bathrooms, it’s essential to consider both functional and aesthetic aspects. Well-planned lighting can enhance your overall design, add an atmospheric ambience, and ensure sufficient illumination for everyday bathroom tasks. The most beautiful bathrooms we see here at KBDi have layers of lovely light, and we’re sharing a few of our favourites – along with some lighting tips – below.

Making the most of natural light
Nothing says ‘clean and fresh’ like a bathroom bathed in natural light. If privacy and a good orientation allow it, opening up a bathroom to the natural elements offers many positives. Sunlight is one of the cues our body uses to regulate its circadian rhythm (our internal clocks). Exposure to natural light in the morning can make us feel alert and energised – and is there a better way to start the day than that? A ventilated skylight offers an even greater advantage, allowing natural light and fresh air into the space.

Bathroom designed by Carmel Wylie | GIA Renovations

Another stunning bathroom designed by Carmel Wylie | GIA Renovations

Task lighting and vanity lighting
Of course, we can’t always rely on natural light alone. Specific task lighting is crucial for activities like shaving and applying makeup. Fixtures installed on either side of the bathroom mirror, generally at eye level, illuminate the face and minimise shadows.

Bathroom designed by Jeyda Osman | MJ Harris Group

Bathroom designed by Jo Niederer | Brilliant SA

Ambient lighting
While bright, natural light is important at the beginning of the day, the opposite applies when we’re winding down for the night. Layering a bathroom with various levels of light allows for calmer or moodier luminance in the evenings.

Bathroom designed by Robert Bayly | Robert Bayly Design Pty Ltd

Bathroom designed by Birdblack Design

Decorative lighting
A perfectly placed pendant can make a big statement in a bathroom, taking the space from ordinary to extraordinary with the flick of a switch.

Bathroom designed by Francesca Demicoli | Francesca Demicolie Designs Pty Ltd

Bathroom designed by Judy Pringle | Let’s Talk Kitchens & Interiors

Code Compliance
When selecting and specifying lighting for a bathroom, it’s most important that you consider the National Construction Code requirements and associated Wiring Rules. We’ve produced a technical bulletin that outlines what can go where in a wet area – KBDi Members can find this document in their exclusive Members Portal.

Not a KBDi Member yet? Learn more about how to access the bulletin above (and all of our other resources and benefits) – contact us today.


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