Jolie handles are the jewels in this kitchen

Jolie handles are the jewels in this kitchen

Australian homeowners often underestimate the impact of cabinetry handles when undertaking a home renovation. Clients can deliberate for days, weeks or months about the colour and finish of their kitchen cabinetry, but leave little time for the selection of suitably stylish hardware.

A detail-oriented designer, however, will not overlook the ‘jewels’ of the kitchen, and will ensure that the handles and knobs get the attention they deserve.

Melbourne designer, Dorothy de Guara, is well aware of the impact that well-designed hardware can have on a space. Her client’s two-bedroom Port Melbourne apartment was limited in size but bursting in potential: de Guara’s careful space planning, stylish colour palette and excellent detailing resulted in a considerable transformation. 

The designer sought an exclusive, high-quality handle to add both class and substance to her client’s new kitchen, and the solid brass, sand-cast Symm by Jolie proved a perfect selection.

Sourced from Two Tease Architectural Hardware in Sydney’s Crows Nest, the handles take the kitchen renovation to an all-new level.

‘The handles look and feel magic,’ said de Guara. ‘I feel they enhance the kitchen and add to the elegance of the joinery’.

With their exclusive range of premium architectural hardware, sourced from the world’s leading designers, Two Tease will help you add the pièce de resistance to your projects.

To view their entire product range, or to arrange a showroom visit, go to

Miele’s intuitive AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk®

Miele’s intuitive AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk®

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, E & S Trading

Miele’s intuitive AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk® ensures there is always detergent available to enable the dishwasher to work completely autonomously. Advanced connectivity with AutoStart and the Miele@Mobile app allows consumers to set the G 7000 dishwasher to start automatically from anywhere in the home.   
Miele’s new AutoDos function is an automatic dosing system that works in tandem with the brand new PowerDisk®, an all-in-one detergent to automatically dispense the correct amount of detergent needed for each cycle. Depending on the selected programme, the PowerDisk® will automatically dispense detergent at exactly the right time with a sensor in the automatic programme measuring the degree of soiling on cutlery to adapt the dosage accordingly. The PowerDisk® contains enough detergent for an average of 20 dishwashing programmes meaning customers need not worry about filling it up for up to a month.
Experience freedom like never before. With AutoStart and the Miele@mobile app you can set your G 7000 dishwasher to automatically start at one or several pre-determined times. Thanks to AutoDos with integrated PowerDisk®, there is always detergent available to enable the appliance to get to work completely autonomously – starting it manually is no longer required.  
Complementing the ease and convenience of the AutoDos and PowerDisk® features, the G 7000 Dishwasher range also comes with a whole host of Miele Exclusive features, including, but far from limited to:
  • 3D MultiFlex tray: the height, width and depth of this tray is adjustable to suit any type of load. The height-adjustable side section, ensures you can easily position small items such as cutlery and espresso cups, while the width adjustable side section enables you to position long stemmed items in the upper basket
  • FlexLine baskets: the ergonomic basket design provides unique safe and secure positioning for all dishes and glasses to ensure the perfect clean. It offers incredible flexibility for loading and cleaning all kinds of crockery and cutlery
  • EcoPower technology: The new water flow system in our G 7000 range means it has a 4.5-star energy rating and 6-star WELS rating. This, alongside the AutoDos function which reduces the use of unnecessary detergent and the option for warm water connection which can reduce energy usage by up to 50%, making it one of the best on the market.
View the current E & S Catalogue, including the Miele PowerDisk, here
InSinkErator offers efficient food waste alternative

InSinkErator offers efficient food waste alternative

A message from our Premier Partners, Multitap

From the makers of the beautiful Italian designed Multitap™ 3N1 comes the InSinkErator® Food Waste Disposer range offering a quick, convenient, and environmentally responsible way in managing food waste.

In our own backyard, over 5.3 million tonnes of food is wasted each year with around a third of the average household bin ending up as wasted food. Food waste sitting in landfill and kerbside produces methane, a dangerous greenhouse gas that is a known contributor to climate change. In fact, methane is 21 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide.

So how can InSinkErator help?

  • Disposers divert food waste from landfills, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions from decomposing waste and trucks transporting it.
  • Food waste can be recycled into renewable energy at capable wastewater treatment plants and fed back into the grid.
  • Wastewater treatment plants can process food waste into biosolids for land regeneration.
  • Disposers use less than 1% of household water consumption and cost less than $3.50 a year in electricity.
  • Food waste has a density of 1 mg/ml. So, if food waste is 70-90% water to begin with, and it has the same density as human waste and water, there should be no concerns about “solids” settling out in sewers and causing blockages and overflows. Properly designed and constructed sewers will transport this material very efficiently to the treatment plant without causing any issues.
  • Importantly, the high carbon to nitrogen ratio will help the plants remove nutrients from their effluent, reducing the negative impacts of eutrophication on our streams, rivers and lakes.

The process is simple

Food scraps are swept into the sink and with the flick of a switch and turn of a tap, they are ground and flushed without blades through to a wastewater treatment plant. At capable treatment plants, methane from ground food waste can be captured and recycled into renewable energy instead of ending up in landfill.

Clutter-free counters are a constant trend in creating a clean and minimalist workspace. With the Multitap and InSinkErator range, there is no need for a kettle or a large bin, allowing precious storage and bench space to be saved. Get in touch with the InSinkErator team to book a product demonstration or learn more about their food waste disposer and instant steaming hot water tap range here.

Miele launches Premiere 10 year warranty

Miele launches Premiere 10 year warranty

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, E & S Trading

Miele are offering next-level confidence with their premium quality appliances, increasing their warranty from two to ten years on kitchen appliances, dishwashers, washers and dryers.

The Immer Besser (forever better) brand has long been the go-to choice of kitchen designers across the country, and this ‘peace of mind’ special gives you one more reason to steer your clients towards the Miele range.

This offer ends on 30 September 2020, so don’t delay. See more details and the terms and conditions here.

Darren Palmer Handle Selection from Häfele

Darren Palmer Handle Selection from Häfele

A message from our Corporate Partner, Häfele

You do not seek inspiration – you open the door to it.

Your project deserves the highest quality of hardware from hinge to handle. Hafele’s, newly released Darren Palmer Handle Selection range will support your work and help you to make your project stand out!

Handles are an important focal point of any project as they add a visual centre to any cabinet. Just think about the different styles of handles you would use for a farm-style kitchen versus an urban kitchen.

The Darren Palmer Selection covers a range of Hafele handles which can be complied into four different periods: Retro Glamour – H1925 & H1930, Simple Contemporary – H1950 & H1335, Edgy Modern – H1960, H1910 & H1935 and Farm style – H1715, H1565, H1530 & H1710.

What inspires you? Shapes and colours. Materials and finishes. Your favourite furniture. The entrance portals of old townhouses. Chopin’s Nocturne Es-Dur Opus 9 No.2 or the old punk record with beautiful scratches. We find contrasts especially inspiring. It is so rewarding when they suddenly meet.

Thick and thin, big and small. Black, white and colourful. Minimalisms and exuberant life. Sweet, sour, salty. Contrasts attract. In surfaces, haptics, transitions.

How do you deal with that? Hafele’s, Darren Palmer handle selection is the perfect launch pad to start that journey and find a handle that helps you to open the door to inspiration! Download the full catalogue of Darren Palmer handles here.


Staron® Innovation Collection

Staron® Innovation Collection

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Austaron.

Staron® Solid Surfaces have always valued being technologically advanced in performance and quality. Austaron Surfaces is excited to present the Staron® Innovation Collection – a range of Staron® Solid Surface products designed to provide solutions in specific application environments. This collection includes: Staron® Super Flex, Staron® MED (Marine Equipment Directive) and Staron® Evermoin.

Staron® is silica free, non-toxic and can be used to create monolithic flowing benchtops, splashbacks, wall cladding, bathroom vanities, shower walls, commercial counters, table tops and endless other applications. The product is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified meaning it is suitable and safe for use in environments like schools and healthcare facilities. It is non-porous, resists stains and repairable. Staron® is an affordable quality solid surface backed by a 10 Year Warranty for peace of mind, making it the perfect surface solution for your next project.

Introducing Staron® Super Flex, an advanced surface solution for dramatic curves. Staron® Super Flex allows for more dramatic curves and flexibility to achieve high-performance applications in all commercial, residential and public space projects. Meet the new Staron® innovation to design your new futuristic and functional space.

With a minimum radius of 0mm, Staron® Super Flex boasts superior thermoplastic with perfect folding capabilities that can create limitless possibilities of shapes and designs from the slightest curves to extreme bends.

The high elongation rate of Staron® Super Flex is two times higher than that of existing Staron®. Staron® Super Flex can be used for architectural and interior applications, such as high performance kitchen, bathroom and furniture surfaces. The material can also be thermoformed at a lower temperature and in shorter heating time compared to the thermoforming process of existing Staron® – making fabrication time quicker.

Introducing Staron® Evermoin, an advanced antimicrobial solid surface solution for healthcare and aged care applications. Evermoin® by Staron® is an ideal surface solution for applications that are exposed to sensitive people and/ or animals such as the sick, elderly or children. It provides the hygiene and design versatility of Staron® with a bacteria killing, antibacterial inclusion. Standard Staron® suppresses fungal and bacteria due to its non-porous nature, while Staron® Evermoin® actively kills bacteria. Evermoin® anti-microbial surfaces from Staron® can be used in almost any interior space. Imagine nurses workstations and wall cladding in a functional and renewable material that is durable as well as ultra-hygienic. Achieve the perfect blend of simplicity in design with an antimicrobial surface engineered for a healthier life. Staron® Evermoin is certified by the EPA, NSF and FDA.

Introducing Staron® MED (Marine Equipment Directive), and advanced solution for marine applications. Staron® MED is certified in accordance with IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations. While most shipbuilding materials are sensitive to heat and fire, Staron® MED meets both flammability requirements and high aesthetic demands. Staron® MED can be used in endless interior or exterior marine applications.