New design bulletins outline product features and benefits

New design bulletins outline product features and benefits

Professional designers must continue to be informed about the features, benefits and design considerations of a wide range of products. With an in-depth knowledge of surfaces and materials, a knowledgable designer will be far better placed to extend their potential in kitchen and bathroom design. In our new Design Bulletins, we’re helping Members build a bank of references to start their material investigations.

We recently partnered with Austaron Surfaces to outline the features and benefits of Staron® Solid Surfaces. The Bulletin summarises how solid surfaces can be used in all kinds of kitchen and bathroom applications. It outlines the key considerations designers need to make when designing with solid surfaces, including support and structural requirements, designing with pattern and selecting colours. Most importantly, this handy cheat-sheet sets out the compliance and warranties associated with the product, making it an invaluable resource for all good designers.

Members can access this Design Bulletin (along with our full suite of Technical and Business Bulletins) in our exclusive Members Portal. If you’re interested in learning how your product can be featured in this way, contact us via the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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As individual as you: AvanTech YOU Hettich makes customisation the standard

As individual as you: AvanTech YOU Hettich makes customisation the standard

A message from our Corporate Partner, Hettich

Increasingly, the customisation Megatrend is placing an even greater focus on the individual user with their very own personal preferences. Hettich, the world’s leading cabinet hardware and fittings producer introduces the new AvanTech YOU drawer system coming soon to the Australian market in 2020. Hettich not only takes drawer customisation to the next level but also furniture design. With its latest AvanTech YOU platform system, Hettich is now forging ahead once again. As a pioneer, Hettich presented the world’s first “platform” solution for drawer systems with InnoTech, back in 1996. The latest AvanTech YOU platform now offers even more options for customising in terms of colour, shape and material.

AvanTech YOU is designed to impress with a sleek linear design, slender drawer side profile at an impressive 13 mm thickness, the style is uncompromisingly sleek. The purist design keeps all working components hidden into the slender drawer side. There are no cover caps or holes to spoil the look of flawless beauty. The fitting deliberately recedes into the background and blends in with furniture as a design element. This permits handle less design in uncompromising perfection both inside and out. Given the ease with which a drawer can be customised in terms of colour, shape and material, manufacturers can both stand out from the crowd. AvanTech YOU comes in three colours and five heights with aluminium or wooden rear panels. The product range offers, designer profiles in stainless steel, chrome, aluminium look or walnut and oak look, “DesignCapes” in anodised aluminium and stainless-steel look as well as the AvanTech YOU Inlay drawer side profile all create a wide variety of eye catchers. The clever part is being able to use any chosen materials as well. This opens the potential for kitchen and furniture manufacturers to set themselves apart from the competition: with their own furniture design in different price segments, targeted response to customer wishes and the system’s tremendous cost effectiveness.

AvanTech YOU provide the optimum solution for anyone wanting to design generously proportioned, handleless furniture with exclusive materials. The previous limits to creating handleless design as a result of extremely large front panel weights or formats are eliminated by Push to open Silent with multi synchronisation. Two drawers behind one front panel reliably open parallel with each other and close gently. Three-dimensional drawer adjustment – in height, from side to side and in tilt – guarantees perfect reveal alignment.

What is remarkable is the ease in which the platform concept can be adapted to suit manufacturing or buyers requirements: the drawer can be used on two different runner systems with the same cabinet body hole pattern, creating a flexible and cost-effective basis for addressing different market segments and fields of application. The components within the platform can be easily combined with each other. At the assembly stage, there is no requirements to rout drawer bases and install catches, nor is it necessary to use rear panel corner connectors for wooden rear panels. As the rear panels come in the same width as the drawer base, this additionally saves time and money. Wooden drawers can also be used on identical runners, e.g. without any facing panel as a statement in a kitchen’s otherwise closed front panel look.

AvanTech YOU is a product concept with a broad ranging lineup that makes it possible to reduce the otherwise usual variety of stock items and permit individuality on all levels in a cost effective and easy manner – from customer wish to finished item of furniture.

Photo: Hettich – Quickly transformed: AvanTech YOU designer profiles in wood, stainless steel, aluminium or chrome look add an individualised look to the top of the drawer side profile and are simply clipped into place.

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Antimicrobial solid surface solutions

Antimicrobial solid surface solutions

A message from our KBDi Corporate Plus Partner, Austaron

Introducing Evermoin® by Staron® – an ideal surface solution for applications that are exposed to sensitive people and/or animals such as the sick, elderly or children. It provides the hygiene and design versatility of Staron®, with a bacteria killing, antibacterial inclusion.

Standard Staron® suppresses fungal and bacteria due to its non-porous nature, while Staron® Evermoin® actively kills bacteria. Evermoin® anti-microbial surfaces from Staron® can be used in almost any interior space. Imagine nurses’ workstations and wall cladding in a functional and renewable material that is durable as well as ultra-hygienic. Achieve the perfect blend of simplicity in design with an antimicrobial surface engineered for a healthier life.

Staron® Evermoin® is suitable for endless applications with a smooth finish.

It offers a warm, soft and soothing feel to the skin.  It does not feel ‘cold’ like many other surfaces do.  It provides the perfect surface solution for dental surgeries, hospitals and aged care facilities. Staron® Evermoin® prevents the growth of mould or mildew, providing a clean surface solution.

The thermoformability of Staron® allows for designs of ergonomically friendly applications for wheelchair access. The non-porous and slip resistant nature of Staron® also means it can be used in and around showers and bathtubs by creating curves for easy access.

The smooth nature of Staron® Evermoin® adds heightened hygiene and eliminates dirt trapping crevices, that is essential in this type of industry. It  also extends itself to fully integrated dentistry bowls, baby baths or sinks and vanities. With no open joins, just one continuous surface. Create monolithic wall surfaces, toilet partitions, food preparation kitchenettes and nurses stations – the possibilities are endless.

Staron® Evermoin® is renewable, meaning that after years of use it can be sanded to be restored back to its original condition. It can be formed and moulded into any shape or design imaginable.

All this comes in an environmentally sustainable material that is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified, with a 10 Year Warranty.

Staron® Evermoin® is certified by the EPA [US Environmental Protection Agency], FDA [US Food & Drug Administration] and NSF [National Sanitation Foundation].

Ph: 02 9822 7055



Exciting new Häfele H19 furniture handle range

Exciting new Häfele H19 furniture handle range

A message from our Corporate Partner, Häfele

Häfele has released an exciting new collection of handles and they are truly inspiring.

These handles offer you an expansive choice, coming in a range of shapes, colours, materials and finishes that enable you to match them effortlessly with any project.

These new handles showcase a range of ideas that are inspired by different worlds of living and style-defining eras.

The Textile handle is exceptional and by far the most creative in the range, featuring a superb cotton thread-like effect which gives off a warm radiance with the remarkable feel. These handles are a perfect addition to cupboards in luxurious bathrooms and stand out features in comfortable-plush apartments.

The Nouveau Art Deco I handle in the range is at first a bold eye-catcher that delivers a wonderful haptic experience along with a hint of modern flair.  Colours are fittingly available in gold, matt black and antique brass. The second style handle in this range is the Nouveau Art Deco II, which is also stylish and reminiscence of a grandiose era but brings the pompous side of the 20’s to life. Its pizzazz reinterprets the wonderful modern era of Art Deco with its subtle curves and nestles pleasingly on furniture pieces.

If you are searching for a more modern handle then the Bent handle tells a story of true modern craftsmanship. It plays elegantly with shadow and light on its outer contour focusing on high quality in every detail.

Similarly, the Slim handle range offers a delicate appearance but demands attention featuring slim lines. Both handles suit modern furniture and high-class designer kitchens.

Furthermore, the futuristic Cube range fits into current trends on the focus of clear function. Pure and simple, and in the best sense of the word, the cube knobs playfully interpret the cube which are great to use on playful furniture and throughout family areas. The Cube handle is made precisely for purpose with its pure and architectural appearance.

Without a doubt, the design possibilities are endless with Häfele’s new range.

To find out more about the other models available in the H19 range, click here.

Jolie handles are the details that make the design

Jolie handles are the details that make the design

‘The details are not the details. They make the design’.
Charles Eames

This quotation sits front and centre in the office of Two Tease director, Kevin Tuersley, and is a perfect reflection of the quality hardware on display in his adjoining showroom. The Crows Nest studio is home to a stunning range of cabinet and architectural hardware, and designers with a great appreciation for ‘the details’ will be awed when they step inside.

The ‘Jolie’ range of cabinet handles will catch the attention of kitchen, bathroom and furniture designers.

The brand was developed by two design-savvy visionaries who saw a gaping hole in the handle market for unique, high-end hardware.

Belgian, Ben Evens and Dutchman, Ferry van Herwijnen, combined their industry experience and passion for design to bring an exceptional solid brass range to the market. Their commitment to quality is evident at every stage of production: each piece is created using traditional sand-casting methods with the highest standard of precision machinery, at the hands of world-class artisans. Products are cast and forged, milled and drilled, pitted and lacquered under the watchful eye of the Jolie team, and identified with the ‘J’ insignia.

With finishes like Old Silver, Aged Bronze, Secret Aged Gold and – of course – a timeless Black, and a comprehensive suite of architectural collections, you’re sure to find the perfect ‘jewels’ to crown your interior designs.

Most importantly, you’ll know that your stock will be immediately available from the well-stocked Sydney showroom, or airfreighted directly from Belgium within seven to ten days.

Kevin is eager to welcome KBDi designers to his Crows Nest studio. Contact Two Tease today to arrange your personal viewing.

Timeless architectural hardware curated by Two Tease

Timeless architectural hardware curated by Two Tease

We’re delighted to welcome Two Tease to our growing family of KBDi supplier members.

Two Tease is a family business driven by a deep passion for high-quality artisan architectural hardware. The Two Tease team have made it their mission to source the world’s finest handles, knobs, pulls and accessories, creating a highly curated collection for designers.

Through their stunning Crows Nest studio, or the Two Tease online gallery (see it here), you’ll have access to a discerning range of timeless hardware – including the unique pivot system pictured below – sure to add the finishing touch to your well-designed interiors.

Discover the Two Tease range today at