Colours & Dimension: The Latest from Laminex

Colours & Dimension: The Latest from Laminex

Tuesday | 6 July 2021 | 4 pm AEST

Laminex Australia continues to pursue its commitment to manufacturing in Australia with two exciting new product releases. In this session, Laminex’s Neil Sookee will share the latest updates to the Laminex Colour Collection, and Natasha Moulton will introduce an exciting new range of wall panels that sees Laminex move beyond benchtops and cabinetry.

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Transform your interiors with Terrazzo by Staron® Solid Surfaces

Transform your interiors with Terrazzo by Staron® Solid Surfaces

A message from our Corporate Partner, Austaron Surfaces.

Bring texture to designs and transform interiors with the latest Terrazzo range from Staron® Solid Surfaces.

Enjoy the benefits of Staron Solid Surface combined with the visual texture of Terrazzo. Inspired by the beautiful Italian city of Venice, dating back to the 15th century, Staron® gives a new modern edge to working with Terrazzo.

From the success of the Terrazzo Venezia and Terrazzo Como, Staron® has added two more designs to its range – welcome Terrazzo Bologna and Terrazzo Torino.

Staron Terrazzo Bologna

A soft, barely-there pink, Terrazzo Bologna will add an elegant touch and complement designs looking for a soft neutral palette.

Staron Terrazzo Torino

A true classic irrespective of time, Terrazzo Torino will complement any contemporary modest designs. 

Staron Terrazzo Venezia

An eye-catching, versatile colour, Terrazzo Venezia allows for creativity with a multitude of colourways. 

Staron Terrazzo Como

Bold and timeless, Terrazzo Como will add impact and be a standout feature in any project. 

In a busy home, benchtop surfaces are often ground zero for a multitude of activities. Finding the right product that will withstand the many years of hustle and bustle is key to the longevity and success of your project. Staron Solid Surface will not only give great opportunity for adding a stand-out feature to a design. It will also provide the whole family with a durable surface. Everyday dirt and grim are easily cleaned due to Staron’s non-porous nature and the unique joining capabilities of solid surface, eliminating joins and silicon. In addition, you can seamlessly integrate Staron sinks and tile coves or fully integrate the bench and splashback to flow as one. Staron Solid Surface is repairable, renewable, UV Stable and Silica free for peace of mind.  

Staron Solid Surfaces are exclusively available from Austaron Surfaces. For more information, visit

Darren Palmer Handle Selection from Häfele

Darren Palmer Handle Selection from Häfele

A message from our Corporate Partner, Häfele

You do not seek inspiration – you open the door to it.

Your project deserves the highest quality of hardware from hinge to handle. Hafele’s, newly released Darren Palmer Handle Selection range will support your work and help you to make your project stand out!

Handles are an important focal point of any project as they add a visual centre to any cabinet. Just think about the different styles of handles you would use for a farm-style kitchen versus an urban kitchen.

The Darren Palmer Selection covers a range of Hafele handles which can be complied into four different periods: Retro Glamour – H1925 & H1930, Simple Contemporary – H1950 & H1335, Edgy Modern – H1960, H1910 & H1935 and Farm style – H1715, H1565, H1530 & H1710.

What inspires you? Shapes and colours. Materials and finishes. Your favourite furniture. The entrance portals of old townhouses. Chopin’s Nocturne Es-Dur Opus 9 No.2 or the old punk record with beautiful scratches. We find contrasts especially inspiring. It is so rewarding when they suddenly meet.

Thick and thin, big and small. Black, white and colourful. Minimalisms and exuberant life. Sweet, sour, salty. Contrasts attract. In surfaces, haptics, transitions.

How do you deal with that? Hafele’s, Darren Palmer handle selection is the perfect launch pad to start that journey and find a handle that helps you to open the door to inspiration! Download the full catalogue of Darren Palmer handles here.


Staron® Innovation Collection

Staron® Innovation Collection

A message from our Corporate Plus Partner, Austaron.

Staron® Solid Surfaces have always valued being technologically advanced in performance and quality. Austaron Surfaces is excited to present the Staron® Innovation Collection – a range of Staron® Solid Surface products designed to provide solutions in specific application environments. This collection includes: Staron® Super Flex, Staron® MED (Marine Equipment Directive) and Staron® Evermoin.

Staron® is silica free, non-toxic and can be used to create monolithic flowing benchtops, splashbacks, wall cladding, bathroom vanities, shower walls, commercial counters, table tops and endless other applications. The product is Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certified meaning it is suitable and safe for use in environments like schools and healthcare facilities. It is non-porous, resists stains and repairable. Staron® is an affordable quality solid surface backed by a 10 Year Warranty for peace of mind, making it the perfect surface solution for your next project.

Introducing Staron® Super Flex, an advanced surface solution for dramatic curves. Staron® Super Flex allows for more dramatic curves and flexibility to achieve high-performance applications in all commercial, residential and public space projects. Meet the new Staron® innovation to design your new futuristic and functional space.

With a minimum radius of 0mm, Staron® Super Flex boasts superior thermoplastic with perfect folding capabilities that can create limitless possibilities of shapes and designs from the slightest curves to extreme bends.

The high elongation rate of Staron® Super Flex is two times higher than that of existing Staron®. Staron® Super Flex can be used for architectural and interior applications, such as high performance kitchen, bathroom and furniture surfaces. The material can also be thermoformed at a lower temperature and in shorter heating time compared to the thermoforming process of existing Staron® – making fabrication time quicker.

Introducing Staron® Evermoin, an advanced antimicrobial solid surface solution for healthcare and aged care applications. Evermoin® by Staron® is an ideal surface solution for applications that are exposed to sensitive people and/ or animals such as the sick, elderly or children. It provides the hygiene and design versatility of Staron® with a bacteria killing, antibacterial inclusion. Standard Staron® suppresses fungal and bacteria due to its non-porous nature, while Staron® Evermoin® actively kills bacteria. Evermoin® anti-microbial surfaces from Staron® can be used in almost any interior space. Imagine nurses workstations and wall cladding in a functional and renewable material that is durable as well as ultra-hygienic. Achieve the perfect blend of simplicity in design with an antimicrobial surface engineered for a healthier life. Staron® Evermoin is certified by the EPA, NSF and FDA.

Introducing Staron® MED (Marine Equipment Directive), and advanced solution for marine applications. Staron® MED is certified in accordance with IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations. While most shipbuilding materials are sensitive to heat and fire, Staron® MED meets both flammability requirements and high aesthetic demands. Staron® MED can be used in endless interior or exterior marine applications.

New design bulletins outline product features and benefits

New design bulletins outline product features and benefits

Professional designers must continue to be informed about the features, benefits and design considerations of a wide range of products. With an in-depth knowledge of surfaces and materials, a knowledgeable designer will be far better placed to extend their potential in kitchen and bathroom design. In our new Design Bulletins, we’re helping Members build a bank of references to start their material investigations.

We recently partnered with Austaron Surfaces to outline the features and benefits of Staron® Solid Surfaces. The Bulletin summarises how solid surfaces can be used in all kinds of kitchen and bathroom applications. It outlines the key considerations designers need to make when designing with solid surfaces, including support and structural requirements, designing with pattern and selecting colours. Most importantly, this handy cheat-sheet sets out the compliance and warranties associated with the product, making it an invaluable resource for all good designers.

Members can access this Design Bulletin (along with our full suite of Technical and Business Bulletins) in our exclusive Members Portal. If you’re interested in learning how your product can be featured in this way, contact us via the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Expression of Interest: Product Design Bulletin

As individual as you: AvanTech YOU Hettich makes customisation the standard

As individual as you: AvanTech YOU Hettich makes customisation the standard

A message from our Corporate Partner, Hettich

Increasingly, the customisation Megatrend is placing an even greater focus on the individual user with their very own personal preferences. Hettich, the world’s leading cabinet hardware and fittings producer introduces the new AvanTech YOU drawer system coming soon to the Australian market in 2020. Hettich not only takes drawer customisation to the next level but also furniture design. With its latest AvanTech YOU platform system, Hettich is now forging ahead once again. As a pioneer, Hettich presented the world’s first “platform” solution for drawer systems with InnoTech, back in 1996. The latest AvanTech YOU platform now offers even more options for customising in terms of colour, shape and material.

AvanTech YOU is designed to impress with a sleek linear design, slender drawer side profile at an impressive 13 mm thickness, the style is uncompromisingly sleek. The purist design keeps all working components hidden into the slender drawer side. There are no cover caps or holes to spoil the look of flawless beauty. The fitting deliberately recedes into the background and blends in with furniture as a design element. This permits handle less design in uncompromising perfection both inside and out. Given the ease with which a drawer can be customised in terms of colour, shape and material, manufacturers can both stand out from the crowd. AvanTech YOU comes in three colours and five heights with aluminium or wooden rear panels. The product range offers, designer profiles in stainless steel, chrome, aluminium look or walnut and oak look, “DesignCapes” in anodised aluminium and stainless-steel look as well as the AvanTech YOU Inlay drawer side profile all create a wide variety of eye catchers. The clever part is being able to use any chosen materials as well. This opens the potential for kitchen and furniture manufacturers to set themselves apart from the competition: with their own furniture design in different price segments, targeted response to customer wishes and the system’s tremendous cost effectiveness.

AvanTech YOU provide the optimum solution for anyone wanting to design generously proportioned, handleless furniture with exclusive materials. The previous limits to creating handleless design as a result of extremely large front panel weights or formats are eliminated by Push to open Silent with multi synchronisation. Two drawers behind one front panel reliably open parallel with each other and close gently. Three-dimensional drawer adjustment – in height, from side to side and in tilt – guarantees perfect reveal alignment.

What is remarkable is the ease in which the platform concept can be adapted to suit manufacturing or buyers requirements: the drawer can be used on two different runner systems with the same cabinet body hole pattern, creating a flexible and cost-effective basis for addressing different market segments and fields of application. The components within the platform can be easily combined with each other. At the assembly stage, there is no requirements to rout drawer bases and install catches, nor is it necessary to use rear panel corner connectors for wooden rear panels. As the rear panels come in the same width as the drawer base, this additionally saves time and money. Wooden drawers can also be used on identical runners, e.g. without any facing panel as a statement in a kitchen’s otherwise closed front panel look.

AvanTech YOU is a product concept with a broad ranging lineup that makes it possible to reduce the otherwise usual variety of stock items and permit individuality on all levels in a cost effective and easy manner – from customer wish to finished item of furniture.

Photo: Hettich – Quickly transformed: AvanTech YOU designer profiles in wood, stainless steel, aluminium or chrome look add an individualised look to the top of the drawer side profile and are simply clipped into place.

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