Did you know that if you provide a service or advice to your customers (like how to layout a kitchen, for example), an error or omission on your part could see you potentially facing a professional indemnity claim?

How is a Professional Indemnity (PI) claim triggered?
Unlike a public liability claim (which can only be triggered if there is third party injury or property damage), a professional indemnity claim can be instigated by a financial loss to your client or a third party contractor as a consequence of an error or omission that’s deemed to be a breach of your professional duties.

But doesn’t my Public Liability (PL) Insurance cover this?
If you charge fees for your service and advice, most (if not all) public liability policies will exclude claims for injury or damage that may arise from a breach of your professional duty. You’ll need professional indemnity coverage to respond to such claims.

We’ve worked closely with our insurance partners, CMIB, to tailor a combined Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Policy specifically suited to professionals in the interior design industry, including the niche areas of kitchen and bathroom design. We’ve negotiated a Master Policy exclusive to KBDi Members, meaning we’ve leveraged our group buying power to get you the best cover at the best price.

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