Inspiring line up of speakers heading to Kitchen + Bath Show

Apr 30, 2024 | Industry News, Inspiration

We’re incredibly excited to be heading to the Kitchen + Bath Show (at Design Show) in Sydney in June and hope to see many of our Members there.

If you come along to the Show (you can register here), you’ll want to make sure you head to the K + B Stage to see your fellow Members and some of our favourite people share their words of wisdom.

You’ll see that the lineup below includes some of our Conference speakers—Therese Tarlinton and Jen Bishop will share teasers of their KBDi Conference sessions at the K + B Show. And if you see them in Sydney, we can guarantee you’ll be lining up for more in Melbourne. 

1_Jo Viney_K+B_2024

From Concept to Completion: Creating a Dream Team

Thursday, 13 June 2024 @ 10.30 am

A creative design professional can (literally) think outside the square to create cabinetry and furnishings that push the boundaries of products and materials. But it takes an equally creative and skilled craftsperson to make the designer’s dreams a physical reality. In this session, we’ll explore how designers and cabinetmakers can work together to deliver incredible results for their clients.

About the Panel

Gavin Hepper CKD Au is an accredited, award-winning and internationally recognised designer. His journey began with a trade in joinery and fine furniture fabrication and was followed by formal study in design. With his hands-on skillset and creative vision, Gavin has become a renowned kitchen and bathroom design expert. Gavin has been on both sides of the Awards arena, winning multiple accolades and serving as a judge for organisations like KBDi, HIA, and NKBA. As the Creative Director and founder of Concepts by Gavin Hepper, he offers a unique combination of over 30 years of trade and design experience to his clientele and the industry.

Greg Grant CKD Au is the former ED of the Kitchen & Bathroom Designers Institute and currently holds the position of KBDi Business Manager. Like his fellow panel members, Greg brings decades of design and manufacturing experience to the table. He cut his teeth in the industry on the floor of his family’s factory and enjoyed building the cabinetmaking business into a successfully saleable entity. Greg saw first-hand how a seamless transition from design to installation was essential for a stress-free (and profitable) project and is committed to helping creatives and craftspeople work together for the best result.

Dean Brakell has been CEO of the Australian Cabinets & Furniture Association (ACFA) for a decade. He has been firmly entrenched in the joinery sector his entire working career, beginning his cabinetmaking apprenticeship as a fresh-faced seventeen-year-old and enjoying various roles after completing his trade. Dean holds a Master of Business Administration and is passionate about manufacturing in Australia. He’s committed to assisting small to medium businesses fulfill their potential and is focused on establishing better corporate governance frameworks in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors.


1_Jo Viney_K+B_2024

Accessible Design – Nobody Dreams of Beige

Thursday, 13 June 2024 @ 11.30 am

Accessible design is something that all good designers are building into their skill sets and services. Products and resources related to physical limitations are more readily available, but conversations about designing for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are a little harder to come by. In this session, you’ll learn how to see through a different (ASD) lens and consider how colour psychology can come into play. You’ll hear the first-hand experiences of designer Jo Viney, and join her on a journey into creating character-filled spaces for all kinds of abilities.

About the Speaker

Jo Viney is the principal of Melbourne interiors studio, Brinnie T Design. She’s mum to two beautiful children and a life-long learner when it comes to living on the spectrum. Jo is committed to creating holistic and harmonious spaces for her clients without compromising character and personality.


2_Adele Locke_K+B_2024

Enhancing your Life with Light

Thursday, 13 June 2024 @ 2.30 pm

There’s a lot more to light than lux levels and LEDs, and designer Adele Locke is keen to share her luminous wisdom about this topic. In this session, Adele will explain how choosing light that supports your health and well-being can transform your home into a welcoming and vibrant space. She’ll also explore how to avoid glare in the home, use light for wellness and home health, and make sustainable lighting choices.

About the Speaker

Adele Locke is a self-confessed lighting geek with a passion for well-considered, effective and inspirational lighting. Her background spans all facets of lighting, from luminaire manufacturing and bespoke lighting design to large-scale commercial projects and architectural lighting design. Adele is a past President of the Illuminating Engineers Society of Australia and New Zealand, a Corporate Member of the BDAV Building Designers Association of Victoria and an Affiliate Member of KBDi.


3_Therese Tarlinton_K+B_2024

United We Thrive: Harnessing Collaboration in Design

Friday, 14 June 2024 @ 10.30 am

Explore the transformative power of partnerships in this session.

Discover how collaboration between designers, suppliers, and retailers can elevate your brand. Featuring local and international success stories, Therese will provide practical insights and simple strategies that deliver results. Uncover key approaches that get noticed—it’s never too early or too late to embrace collaboration. Join us and make a bigger impact in the market!

About the Speaker

Therese Tarlinton has got the magic touch when it comes to speaking the language of brands, securing collaborations, contras, partnerships, and sponsors that grows businesses. She’s the Best Selling Author of SWAP! Marketing without Money where she reveals her insider strategies and a trailblazing track record that speaks volumes.


4_Jen Bishop_K+B_2024

How to get your work and your business in the media

Friday, 14 June 2024 @ 11.30 am

Jen Bishop is a newspaper and magazine journalist obsessed with all things interiors. She founded the wildly popular ‘Interiors Addict’ blog in 2011, successfully turning her hobby into a full-time gig in less than two years. In this session, Jen will lean on her media background and share her top tips for pitching and PR. 

About the Speaker

A newspaper and magazine journalist and editor by background, Jen started the Interiors Addict blog as a hobby in 2011. Less than two years later, the blog became her full-time job and continues to thrive today. It is widely considered a leading Australian interior design and renovating digital publication offering inspiration to renovators and exposure to the nation’s leading design professionals.


5_James Treble_K+B_2024

Milano Report – A practical take on Eurocucina

Friday, 14 June 2024 @ 2.30 pm

With over 25 years in the residential construction industry and an unparalleled passion for design, James Treble’s enthusiasm for interior spaces is infectious. He has multiple trips to Salone Del Mobile behind him and maintains a global outlook on design trends. In this session, James will share his insights from the 2024 Milano fair. He’ll focus on our favourite spaces – kitchens and bathrooms – and share his thoughts on the global innovations that may change the way we design. Finally, James will share a practical take on the latest European trends and explore how they could translate to Australian homes.

About the Speaker

James Treble is a Sydney-based interior designer, TV presenter and much-loved industry personality who loves to share his passion for houses, colour, great design and sustainable living. He’s a familiar face on the lifestyle TV show Open Homes Australia and hosts the wildly popular Renovate or Rebuild. He recently filmed the renovation of his own spectacular home, resulting in his very first production, ‘James Bought a House’.


6_Jo Caughtry_K+B_2024

Turning over a new leaf: enhancing interiors with biophilic design

Saturday, 15 June 2024 @ 10.30 am

Most of us know that spending time outdoors in nature is great for our wellbeing. But did you know that bringing the outdoors in can have the same effect? Biophilic Design is the practice of connecting people to nature through their living and working environments. In this session, Biophilic and Holistic Interior Designer, Jo Caughtry, will share the many benefits indoor plants and gardens can bring to the emotional and physical wellbeing of the homeowners.

About the Speaker

Jo Caughtry is an interior designer with an absolute passion for plants. She has qualifications in biophilic design, plantscaping and holistic interior design, and is at the forefront of creating spaces that support health and wellbeing. She’s a Board Member of Biophilic Cities Australia and a Habitarmonia Academy Ambassador and is actively shaping the conversation around biophilic design on a national and international level.


7_Gavin Hepper_K+B_2024

The future of kitchen and bathroom design

Saturday, 15 June 2024 @ 12.30 pm

Inspired and excited by his recent trip to Eurocucina, Milan, multi-award-winning designer Gavin Hepper CKD Au will share his predictions about the future of kitchen and bathroom design. He’ll explore new directions in innovation, technology and materiality and encourage you to think about designing with a focus on the future.

About the Speaker

Gavin Hepper CKD Au is an award-winning, accredited and internationally recognised designer. His remarkable design journey began with a joinery apprenticeship and a passion for furniture fabrication. He later studied design and, with his hands-on skillset and creative vision, has become an esteemed kitchen and bathroom design expert. Gavin has been on both sides of the Awards arena, winning multiple accolades and serving as a judge for organisations like KBDi, HIA, and NKBA. As the Creative Director and founder of Concepts by Gavin Hepper, he offers a unique combination of over 30 years of trade and design experience to his clientele and the industry.


8_Nathan Karpenko_K+B_2024

Trends in Natural Stone

Saturday, 15 June 2024 @ 2.30 pm

Natural stone offers homeowners an opportunity to have something truly unique as the centrepiece of their kitchens. In this session, Nathan Karpenko – Managing Director of CavArt Designer Stone – will walk you through the beautiful colours and patterns available and share the pros and cons of various stone selections.

About the Speaker

Nathan Karpenko has almost two decades of experience helping designers and homeowners source the best slabs for their interior projects. Nathan is passionate about the beauty and benefits of natural stone, and as the Managing Director of Cav’Art Designer Stone, he holds a wealth of knowledge about a wide range of products.



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